Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Krishnas vigorous drive of Spiritual Love

  By now the people of Vraja had not only recognised Krishna Consciousness fully but also practised various forms of Worship-be it Rituals, Yoga, Group Bhajans ( Singing the hymns in praise of the Lord), ‘Vrathas’, meditation or ‘Japa’( recite the names of Almighty). Indeed,  Krishna Consiouness got spread over far and wide with the Vraja Bhoomi as the nucleus, not only among the humanity but all over the Universe, including the Planetery System, various Demi-Gods and the sub-terrain world.

 The ‘Gopikas’-women and maidens- of Vraja Bhoomi were specially blessed often participating in Ras Lilas or Community Dance Sessions of Ecstacy; the belief was that ‘Gopikas’ were actually Sages, availing opportunities of physical and Spiritual interaction with Narayana Himself, thereby attaining trances and oneness.To the married women of Vraja Bhoomi especially, the repeated advice from Krishna was that out of affection and faith for Him, they should not neglect their family duties; He said that women in general, away from their fathers, mothers, brothers, husbands and children should not be causes for their worries. He also said:

Bhartuh susrusanam strinam  paro dharmo hi amayaya /
tat bandhunam cha kalyanah prajanam chanuposanam.

( The highest religious duty of a woman is to sincerely serve her husband, behave well toward his family and take care of the children).The unanimous reply to Krishna’s advice by all Gopikas was that indeed they ought to serve their families best, but in reality they would serve their families with the same dedication as their family would display to serve Almighty as well.[Padma Purana stated that Gopikas were either ‘Sruti Charis’ Personified Veda Scriptures) or ‘Rishi Charis’( Sages of previous births) viz. Nitya Siddhas or Sahana Siddhas respectively, but not normal humans].Even as Krishna continued His romantic escapades under the garb of Spiritual Activities, the buden on Earth was being reduced in destroying evil forces. Maha Muni Suka described to King Parikshith how the Bull Demon Arishta with a huge hump, mistaken as a mountain by the clouds, roared while scraping the ground with hooves and digging the Earth with horns and  created havoc and how  Krishna seized the animal by its horns and brought to it the ground and destroyed it.Another demon Kesi, a gigantic  horse commissioned by Kamsa attacked Krishna with speed and fury from the high skies and met the same fate as with Arishta.

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