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Bhagvat Purana

The Story of Ajamila

Some 13,00,000 yojanas ( 10,400,000 miles) above the ‘Great Bear’ shines high the Pole Star and the ‘Sisumara System’ or the Great Machine, comprising the Stars and Planets, resembling a Dolphin in water. Scholars of the Science of Astronomy compare the Formation as an Illustration or an Image of The Supreme Almighty Vasudava Himself, as this ‘Jyothi anekam’( Multi-Splendour par excellence) or ‘Sisumara Samsthanam’(The Grand Wheel Establishment) is clearly visible on the Sky, and as the The Supreme Almighty is invisible anyway! In other words, it would never be possible to comprehend the Portrait of ‘Virat Purusha’, let alone by human beings but by Sages and even by Gods or Trinity too, but one could visualise the similarity of God- Head with the Sisumara and be contented with it atleast.

In this very connection, the Maha Muni narrated an apt illustration of  a devout Brahmin, Ajamila from Kanyakubja. He was an embodiment of virtue, performing all ritualistic duties including daily Agni Homams as expected of an ideal married person.Once he visited a forest to collect fruits, flowers and samidhas and kusas ( dry grass for Homams).He witnessed a highly provocative scene of a low-class male with a semi- nude prostitute in action and despite all his Vedic background could not overcome the temptation of possessing that woman as his keep in her own surroundings. He acquired gradually all shocking habits of drinking, gambling, stealing and so on, continued his sinful activities and abandoned his wife, children and aged parents. He realised rather late that his life was indeed ruined and no amount of atonement was justified.While dying however, he shouted the name of ‘Narayana’, the tenth son of his prostitute woman, out of great desire to fondle him. The Servants of Lord Yama who appeared at the scene of Ajamila’s death sought to drag him with ropes to Yamaloka.  At the same time, the followers of Lord Vishnu appeared too at the Scene as they heard a sincere shout of NARAYANA. An altercation between Yamadutas and Vishnudutas followed as to who could take Ajamila’s soul, either to Hell or Vaikuntha. Having returned to Hell, Yamadutas explained the situation and Lord Yamaraja advised his dootas to lay off their hands from the dead person.  Lord Yama said that a mere invocation of the pure Narayana was adequate from Ajamila’s death bed, considering his excellent background, excepting the sinful phase of his life with the prostitute and thereafter. Further, Ajamila made the big shout of ‘Narayana’ at the time of his death with full atonement that was extraordinary and astonishing. Lord Yama compared the sinful phase of Ajamila was like an eclipse-period of his life and after the evil patch of his life, he returned to his earlier stage of purity and Godliness; as  a piece of Char-coal covered by ash outside but is  red hot inside.

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