Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Narada cursed by reborn Daksha

Reverting back to Swambhu Manu, King Parikshith became inquisitive about the next generation, especially about the rebitrh of Prajapati Daksha, from the lineage of Prachetas and his curse to Narada Muni.Daksha offered prayers to Superior Lord to purify his thoughts at a place known as Aghamarsana near a mountain in Vindhya Range. The Supreme Lord was pleased and appeared before him. The Lord instructed to lead a family life and carry on his normal duties. Accordingly, Daksha married Prajapati Panchajana’s daughter Aksini and begot ten thousand sons named Haryasvas. As instructed by their father Daksha, Haryasvas decided to perform austerities to beget children and reached a place named Narayanasaras, where River Sindhu joins the Sea. Narada appeared there and mind-washed them about the futility of begetting progeny and getting involved with family lives and the perennial problems; he advised that the real purpose of a useful life would be  to follow the path of God-consciousness instead.

Narada gave the Theory of Creation and destruction- the chain of births and deaths, and the futility of pursuing such a life. Haryasvas were sincere and obedient children of Daksha, but the mind-setting of Narada was so convincing that they followed the short-cut spiritual way rather than the circuitous and too familiar family route to God. Daksha lamented that his progeny opted a different route and Brhama consoled him and belssed Daksha to beget another thousand sons named Savalasvas, who too went the Narada way, since the latter was also able to convince as he did to their brothers. Being furious at what had been done by Narada to his sons, Daksha cursed Narada  that henceforth the latter would be a globe trotter and would never be settled and static, much less as a  family person. Narada in turn could have given a curse to Daksha but restrained in the interest of the next generation to observe the Grihasti’s  life’s route to salvation.

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