Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Viduras deliberations with Sage Maitreya on Maha Tatva

Uddhava referred Vidura to meet Sage Maitreya on the banks of the Holy River Ganges.Sage Maitreya recognised Vidura not only as the worthy offspring of Vadavyasa but as Lord Yama, the demi-god of Death and the King of Justice in his previous birth. He was born in the earthly form owing to a curse of  Mandanya Muni. Sage Maitreya explained the Concept of ‘Maha Tatva-the Great Philosophy- of the Fundamental Truth of ‘Kaaranam’ ( The Cause), ‘Karanam’ (the Action) and the ‘Kartha; ( the Doer). The Cause and Effect are the formulations of Illusion  ( or fallacy) whereas the ‘Doer’ is the Truth or the Mighty Lord. Normally, one tends to imagine that an action is performed by a human being and the reason for doing so is one’s own mental frame of mind.

But that precisely is the false impression or wrong assessment of the actuality. It is our gross ignorance which leads us to the conjecture of the three features.viz. Reason, Action and End-result; indeed these are just one and the same. Sage Maitreya further explained that the Falsity of human thinking was the resultant interaction of senses, as represented by Sky, Sound, Air, Light and Earth and the senses of touch, taste, hearing, seeing, thinking and so on  got transformed further to Energy or Electricity and Timing or Time. The physical elements thus provide the end-results of material existence, sense of happiness, or material misery and so on. Subsequently, actions are taken as an interplay of the senses, timing, energy, speed and mind. Thus the cause and effect of actions are merely confused as have been executed on one’s own, but not as a volition of the Almighty. The ‘shell’ therefore covers up and misleads the existence of the‘kernel’, which indeed is The Truth. It is most irrational and even foolish to think that the so-called modern science and technology has been discovering various facets of human existence as a result of discoveries, knowledge and human endeavour and mental excellence! The First, Second and Third Person expressions of ‘I’ or ‘We’; or ‘you; as also‘He’,’She’or ‘It’and ‘They’ in any  human language are only for distinguishing individual existences in a typically social context but certainly not in the Macro-Form or in the Cosmic Sense.

The Concept of ‘Mahatatva’having been propounded, Sage Maitreya described the principal features of ‘Virat Swarupa’ and how Lord Brahma responsible for Creation was born from the Lotus Head out of Lord’s navel, the roots of the Lotus having been  entangled with Millions of Hoods of ‘Sesha Naga’( The Gigantic Serpent) bearing the brunt of the Lotus Stem. On top of the Stem were actually three trunks, on which were  seated the ‘Pancha Mukha’ Brahma ( The Five Headed Brahma visioning the Five Directions including the overhead view)  and Two other Trunks representing the Gods of Preservation ( Vishnu) and of  Destruction ( Shiva).Lord Brahma, who had the initial responsibility of Creation, made sincere prayers to the Super Energy as far and effective as he could describe the Latter, most humbly beseeched Him to guide him to initiate the process of Creation. The Super Lord provided the Radiance and Knowledge necessary to guide Lord Brahma as a result of which he was commissioned to take up the Task. As the Cosmic Manifestation of  The Supreme Energy unfolded Itself, Lord Brahma was able to initiate the Process. There were Ten types of Maha Tatva : The first formulation was in regard to the Creation of ‘Maha Tatva’ or the sum and substance of Matter and its Ingredients and their interaction with ‘Paramatma’- The Unknown, Permanent, All Pervading, Endless, and Imperishable. The Second one was ‘Maya’ ( Illusion) which Material Sources, Its Awareness or Knowledge and Its Innumerable Manifestations or Activities were identified.The Third Creation related to the Insight or Observation or Discernment of Senses related to the Material Elements.The Fourth Creation is the Power of Knowledge and Capacity to Pursue and Practice. The Fifth Creation relates to the regulation and management of Mental faculties or in short of  the psyche, of plus factors of goodness, devotion, calmness, selflessness or eqanimity.The Sixth Creation is the control of sinister feelings of anger, lust, infatuation, pride and ignorance. The fifth and sixth Creations are the displays of natural creations of Almighty either by way of developing the noble and virtuous impulses or by way of negating the mind -sets to control evil thoughts.The Seventh Creation is related to immovable objects like of trees, creepers, bushes, and flowers, fruits and other edibles/inedible.The Eighth Creation is of animals, birds, water- based items and a huge variety of bipeds, quadruples and crawling species specified or other wise. The Ninth Category of Creation has a distinct identity which is of human beings, at once angelic or devilish, happy or miserable, greedy and generous and above all, the  highly complicated and complex entities that only Gods could deal with!The Tenth Creation is of demi-gods, according to Bhagavatha Purana,are of eight categories ( in addition to Prakritha and Vaikritha Creations): demigods; forefathers; ‘Asuras’ or Demons; ‘Gandharvas’ or ‘Apsaras’ or Angels; ‘Yakshas’ and ‘Rakshasas’; ‘Siddhas’, ‘Karanas’, or Vidyadharas; ‘Bhootas’, ‘Prethas’ or ‘Pisachas’; Superhuman Beings, Celestial Singers and Dancers.
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