Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana


Inspired by the Great Narada Maharshi, the memorable Vedavyasa prepared immortal contributions to the posterity including Vedic Literature, Puranas and rendering of Bhagavatam. He gifted Bhagavatha Purana to his illustrious son Suka Maha Muni. King Parikshith, who was cursed by a Brahmin boy that he would die within a week’s time, decided to live the next few days by seeking the Truth of Life and approached no less a person than Suka Maha Muni to preach the Great Essentials of Human Life within the shortest time available before his end.This  background as to how Suka Maha Muni preached King Parikshith was narrated by Suta Maharshi to a holy congregation of Rishis ( Sages) headed by Sounaka Muni who assembled at the Forest of ‘Nimisharanya’.

In his introductory address, Suta Maharshi referred to Lord Krishna as the all-pervading, all-knowing, and all-powerful Supreme Force. There are indeed countless teachings to comprehend the complexity of the Super Force, but the  path of realisation continued to elude humanity, especially in the age of Kali Yuga, when human beings are short lived, lazy, misguided and unconvinced.That was the reason why Suka Maha Muni chose to highlight the essence of the Truth of Life in a simple form as compared to the intricacies of the Sacred Scriptures like Vedas;this occasion of King Parikshith’s impending death provided an opportunity to do so.

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