Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Illusion and Creation

Suta Maharshi began with the concept of ‘Maya’ (Illusion) - the hard outer shell of body hiding the Interior Soul. ‘Maya’ is   derived from Material Sources, which in turn, is associated with three features of the Super Force, viz. ‘Tamas’( Ignorance), ‘Rajas’( Passion), Sathva (Goodness).The examples of firewood, smoke and fire were cited to illustrate the three features to represent Brahma (Creation or Earth),Vishnu (Sustenance) and Eswar (destruction or the Final Negation of ‘Maya’).The feature of ‘Tamas’ is akin to material wellbeing, characterised by women, wealth, power and evil. The ‘Rajas’ is akin to the effort of acquisition of knowledge, devotion, yoga and  Sacrifice and  the final feature, ‘Satva’ or ‘Dharma’ or the release of Inner Energy to align with the Super Force.

      At the beginning of Creation, The Super Power or ‘Purusha’ expanded ‘The Self’ to concieve Brahma, who in turn created the Universe and  innumerable manifestations of demi-Gods like Earth, Water, Light, Wind (Life), and the Sky; the Four Sons (Kumaras) known as Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanat Kumaras; the Boar which lifted Earth from the Bottom Regions; Narada, who collected ‘Vedas’- Original Scriptures- and their Interpretation; ‘Nara’ and ‘Narayana’ the twin sons of King ‘Dharma’; the Sage ‘Kapila’ who was the foremost of perfected beings who provided an exposition of creative elements, metaphysics and the secrets of the Universe; the Sage ‘Atri’who taught about the subject of transendence; ‘Yagna’, the son of Prajapati Ruchi and his wife Akuti, whose son is ‘Yama’; King Rasabha, the son of King Nabhi and Merudevi, who showed the path of perfection and controlled senses; King ‘Pruthu’who cultivated land to yield all kinds of produces and made farm lands beautiful and bountiful; took the form of a Fish when the whole world was immersed in deep waters and protected Vaivasvata Manu on a Giant Boat; the Tortoise which bore the brunt of Mountain ‘Mandhara’ used as the churning rod of Ocean with ‘Vasuki’ the Great Serpent as the rope to finally generate ‘Amrit’, the Eternal Life Giving Drink sought by Demi-Gods and Demons; ‘Dhanvantari’, the Demi- God of Medicine; ‘Mohini’, the Supreme Enchantress who helped to bestow ‘Amrit’ to Demi-Gods and denied it to the Demons; as Lord ‘Narasimha’- the Man-Lion manifestation who killed the deadly ‘Rakshasa’ King, ‘Hiranyakasipu’ and rescued Prahlada, the embodiment of Devotion to Lord Vishnu; as ‘Vamana’, the Dwarf- Brahmachari (Student) who sought charity for merely three steps of land  from King Bali- who conquered theThree Worlds from Demi-Gods -and thus pushed the King down to’Patala’, the Under World; as Bhrigupati or Parasu Rama who fought twenty one bloody wars against ‘Kshatriyas’ or the clan of Kings who suppressed and tormented the Class of ‘Brahmins’; as ‘Vyasadeva’, the son of ‘Satyavati’ and ‘Parasara, who made Branches of ‘A Single Veda’ (which is ‘Swayambhu’ or Constituted On Its Own) into Four Vedas and many other ramifications; as Lord Rama- the Hero of Epic Ramayana, the Embodiment of Power and Justice, and as ‘Maryada Purusha’ or the Bench-mark of Nobility and Virtue-who annihilated ‘Ravana’ the Supreme Demon Warrier; as Lords Krishna and Balarama who vindicated ‘Dharma’ and ‘Nyaya’ against the vicious and unjust in a World of Evil, Jealousy and Selfishness, by ending countless Demons;  as Lord Buddha the Enlightened who preached Non-Violence, Truth and Social Justice; and as ‘Kalki’at the terminal part of ‘Kali Yuga’ who strode high on a white and flying horse with a powerful sword in hands by buchering the degenerated kings, animals and devils  in the disguise of humans and sub- humans. Apart from these incarnations, the Super Power took to innumerable other manifestations as Sages, Demi Gods, ‘Manus’ or Leaders of each Manvantar or Long Capsules of Time (‘Yugas’), ‘Prajapaties’ or Noble Kings, or Godmen.
The purpose of ‘Avataras’  or Incarnations of The Supreme Force or Mahavishnu was to re-establish and resuscitate Virtue, Justice and Values of Life, whenever or wherever disorder or disequilibrium appeared in the Universe. The Motto of The Supreme Lord is: Yada Yadahi Dharmascha glanir bhavati Bharata, Thadaatmaham Srijaayami Sambhavami Yuge Yuge (Hey Bharata, as and when Virtue is in jeopardy, I create the Self and appear again and again).

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