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23    Phalashruti of Brahma Purana

Maharshi Lomaharshana concluded the Sacred Brahma Purana:

Idam Gruhasthaih shrotavyam Yatihirbrahmachaaribhih,

Dhana soukhya pradam nrunaam pavitram paapa naashanam/

Tathaa Brahma parairviprairbrahmanaadaih susamyataih,

Shrotavyam suprayatnena samyak-shreyobhikaankshibhi/

Praapnoti Braahmano Vidyaam Kshatriyo Vijayam raney,

Vaishyastu dhanamahshayyam Shudrah sukhamavaapnuyaat/

Yam yam kaamabhidhyaayan shrunoti purushah shuchih,

Tam tam Kaamamavaapnoti Naro naastyatra samshayah/

(This Brahma Purana is worthy of hearing by Brahmachaaris, Grihastaas, and Yatis as it is Sacred and bestower of Prosperity, Happiness and demolisher of all kinds of indiscretions and sins. Brahmanas who seek Brahma Tatwa must hear this Purana particularly as provides them the wherewith all and Vidya; Kshatriyas listening the Purana would be equipped by intrepidity to achieve victory; Vaishyas would reap profits and wealth and Shudras would secure living comfort and pleasure. Whatever desires are sought by the readers or listeners of the Purana, those very wishes would  be readily fulfilled).

The Pathana-Shravana-Manana (reading, hearing and reflecting) about the Brahma Purana would serve as a gate-way to accomplishing the ‘Chatur Vidha Purushaarthaas’aspired by all human beings viz.Dharma-Artha-Kaama and Mokshas.The Purana would indeed inspire to create and add to the fund of virtues and lessen the heaps of sins already collected by way of Prarabdha and Sanchita or the Cumulative and Accounts. This Purana should fetch the Punya / Fruits of performing fasts, snaanaas and pujas at several Kshetras like Prayaga and Pushkara; executing Agnihotra Homas dutifully for a year; securing Darshana-Pujas of Bhagavan Shri Krishna at the Temple of Mathura after taking bath in the Sacred River of Yamuna on Jyeshtha Shukla Ekaadashi; obtaining the result of Hari Kirtaana with dedication and attachment for years together; and getting access to the road leading to Vaikuntha. On days like Eakadashi and Dwadashi if the recital of the contents of Brahma Purana were arranged by a learned Brahmana, the persons organising, participating or arranging the Shravana would be blessed by Bhagavan Shri Krishna:  

Idam Yasashyamaaushyam Sukhadam Kirti vardhanam,

Bala pushti pradamnruunaam Dhanyam Dussapna naashanam/

Trisnadhyam yah patheydvidwaan shraddhayaa susamaahitah,

Idam Varishtha maakhyaanam sa Sarva meepsitam labhet/

Rogaarto muchyatey Rogaadbaddhhomuchyatey Bandhanaat,

Bhayaadvimuchyatey bheeta Aapadaapanna Aapadah/

Jaatismaratvam Vidyaam cha putraan medhaam Pashuundhritim,

Darmam chaartham cha kaaam cha Moksham tu labhatey Narah/

Yaanyaayaankaamaa nabhipretya patheyyatprayata maanasah,

Taamstwaan parwaa Purusho naatrasamshayah/  

(This Purana would confer reputation, longevity, happiness, fame, strength, energy, and well-being; it averts bad dreams and makes one’s life and existence worthwhile and contented. Those who recite or read or study the contents of Brahma Purana with patience and diligence would certainly have their dreams get translated to realities; a person who is suffering from diseases would soon get healthy; get freed from imprisonments if custodial; if facing serious threats of physical or mental nature the person gets doubly reassured of relief and liberation; in case a person is associated with the Brahma Purana any way, especially with fond memories of the past including those of purva janma or with cherished aspirations related to the self, wife,  progeny, and relations in the context of achievements and reputations would be fulfilled sooner than later!) 

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