Essence Of
Bhavishya Purana


28    The Genesis of Ramanujacharya
At the beginning of Creation, Lord Brahma emerged from the top of a Lotus that sprang from the navel of ‘Virat Purusha’ and the Lord with four faces, two hands and feet wondered as to who he was. An inner voice whispered that he should perform Tapasya for thousand years and as Brahma opened his eyes, he found a four armed and fully ornamented Vishnu Murti with sky-blue body colour and Brahma was taken aback even as the Murti said that he was Brahma’s son. But there was disblief on Brahma’s contenance and there followed an argument. Just at that time a Jyotish Linga appeared which had no beginning or end. Brahma took the form of a Swan and Vishnu assumed the figure of a Boar and both went up and down the huge ‘Linga’ but to no avail. They both prayed to the Linga to reveal Himself. Bhagavan Bhava appeared before them and left for Kailasa and meditated in a ‘Samadhi’ (Trance) position for five Yugas. Meanwhile, a demon called Tarakasura did severe Tapasya and asked for a boon that excepting the son of Shiva, none should be able to destroy him. Thus Devas prayed to Lord Shiva that he should soon wed the daughter of Daksha Prajapati; indeed Shiva married Sati Devi as prayed by Devas, but in course of time Daksha became jealous of Shiva and organised Daksha Yagna. An uninvited Sati Devi attended the Yagna, felt insulted and dedicated herself in the Homa Kunda; a furious Shiva created Virabharda who destroyed the Yagna. Sati Devi left her body but her Sacred Soul was transferred to the daughter of Himavanta and Menaka called Gauri or Parvati. Devas made efforts that Lord Shiva should wed and commissioned Ananga (Manmatha) to despatch the Love-Arrows on Shiva but the plan misfired and Ananga was burnt by the Third Eye of Shiva. Rati Devi made an appeal to Shiva that Ananga sent the arrows to enable Shiva’s wedding for ‘Loka Kalyan’so that Kumara Swami would be born and kill Tarakasura, that too at the behest of Devas and hence the killing of Manmatha was none-too-fair! Shiva cooled down and gave the boon that during the Vaivasva Manvantara’s twenty eighth Dwapara Yuga, Sati would be reborn as the wife of the deceased Manmatha to Lord Krishna’s son Pradyumna. The further happenings witnessed the holy wedding of Shiva and Parvati and Kumara Swami who was born of their union killed Tarakasura. Bhagavan Bhava’s ‘Amsa’ was incarnated in the form of Ramanujacharya as the son of Acharya Sharma on the banks of the holy River Godavari and established Dwaita Discipline of Vedic Religion emphasising that ‘Jeevatma’ was entirely distinct from ‘Paramatma’ and established a new Philosophy as different from Shankaracharya’s Advaita Philosophy that Jeevatma and Paramatma were one and the same, as the ephemeral human body ceased Jeevatma would merge with that of Paramatma.

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