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26    Advaita Philosopher Shankaracharya and disciples
In the current Manvantara of Vaivasvata, Brahma performed one Yagna in Utpalaranya in the beginning of Satya Yuga, when Devi Sarasvati arrived in the form of a River. Much earlier, he created Chandra the in-charge if Brahmanas, Surya, Kashyap, Marichi, Ratnakar Samudra Deva and Daksha. From Daksha’s mind were born a number of girls in the forms of ‘Kalas’on Earth by Vishnu Maya. Brahma also created twenty seven ‘Nakshatras’ (Stars) to Chandra, thirteen women like Aditi to Kashyapa and Kirti like other Kanyas to Dharma. As per Brahma’s instruction, Daksha was made Prajapati and while every body else were obedient to him, Rudra was defiant and that was why Daksha denied the ‘Havirbhaga’ or the due from Yagnas meant for Rudra. Shiva got angry and created Verabhadra and Shiva Ganas viz.Trishara, Trinetra and Tripada also arrived. Veerabhadra and the Shiva Ganas frightened Devas, Munis and whoever else took part in the Yagna of Daksha; even Yagna Purusha ran away like a deer but Shiva took the form of a ‘Kirata’ ( hunter) and tore off the limbs of the Yagna Purusha. Then Brahma intervened with his sweet words which somewhat pacified Shiva. As Surya Deva entered Tula Rasi, Rudra entered the form of Chandra, Brahma returned to Satya Loka and Veerabhadra was instructed by Shiva to enter the house of a Brahmana called Bhairavadutta.Once the most obnoxious Kali Yuga arrived he would be born to Bhairavadutta as Shankara Acharya. Even at a very age, Shankara took to ‘Sanyasa’ (Renunciation), became an unparalelled Scholar of Vedas and Shastras, scripted Shankara Bhashya and rescuscitated Shaiva Religion. Also, he popularised ‘Advaita’ discipline which affirmed ‘Aham Brahmaasmi’or “I am Brahma”, ‘Tripundra’ (three cross-lines across the forehead with ash from Yagna kundas, or burnt cow-dung), ‘Rudra Aksha Mala’ and Panchakshara Mantra viz.Om Namasshivaaya. He established the Advaita Philosophy with such very strong foundations that it continued in full swing till date. Deva Guru Brihaspati narrated how a number of persons became disciples of Shankaraacharya: There was a Brahmana called Ajagara who was a Gyani and devotee of Bhagavan Shankara; he satisfied Lord Shiva’s Parthiva Linga and after a twelve year Tapasya Shankara granted ‘Jeevan Mukti’.The Brahmana also pleased Sankarshana Deva by his worship and attained ‘Sayujya’ and thereafter became an ornament in the form of a Snake who had thousand hoods called Gouranga. The Sesha Naag Rudra subsequently was born into the house of Devatutta at Kashipura as Giri Sharma and became a disciple of Shankaraacharya. In Prayaga, a Brahmana named Nairrut who was poor, sorrowful and unfortunate. Once Brahmarshi Narada blessed him with ‘Upadesha’ and he pleased Lord Shiva with his year long worship; the Lord granted the Brahmana with Kubera-like wealth; he lived happily for long time and died. He was reborn as Vana Sharma and even at an early age of twelve became a Vedic Expert and conquered many Vidwans; subsequently he desired to learn Tatva Gyan and became a disciple of Shankaracharya. In Mahishmati there was a Shiva Bhakta named Vasu Sharma who desired to secure a male child and performed worship to Lord Shiva but there was no response; he even sacrificed his own body parts which too did not get response. Then he gave a sacrifice of a goat, when the Lord appeared and said that was actually not destined to secure a male child but granted on as an out of turn mercy. But the child was born with one foot like that of a goat and came to be called Ajaikapada. When Mritya Devata approached the son after a few years, there was a fierce battle between Ajaikapada and Mrityu; finally Mrityu was subdued and thus Ajaikapada was reputed as Mrityunjaya! In insulted Mrityu complained to Brahma Deva and along with Devas, but Brahma declared Ajaikapada as Rudra in when Surya Deva would enter Kumbha Rasi. As soon as this declaration of Brahma was given, Ajaikapada was born as Puri Sharma and having attained the status of a Veda Parayana defeated many Vidwans in wordy-battles and finally joined Shankaracharya as his disciple. Ganesha and Dundi Ganesha: As Brahma Deva completed his full age of Brahma Years, there was Maha Pralaya and Maha Kali destroyed the Universe and became the only Entity all alone. Later on Prakruti Devi was materialised as Maha Gauri with five faces, ten hands and three eyes. On her forehead there was a very tiny and hazy vision of Paramatma who was a luminous, shapeless and inexplicable Particle and despite desperate efforts could not perceive the Undefinable. She prayed to that Parabrahma by straining with all her faces and eyes; Her Eastward Face produced ‘Dhatu Shabdas’ or the Sounds of Dhatus, the Southern Face discharged ‘Prathyaya Shabda’, the Western Face emitted ‘Vibhakti Shabda’, the Northern Face released ‘Tigvibhakti Shabda’ and the ‘Urthva Mukha’ or the Skyward Face emanated the sounds of ‘Varna Matras’ [all the Shabdas relating to Sanskrit Language Grammar].Then the Parabrahma Swarupa provided a quick glimpse as an ‘Avyakta Purusha’ as His Origin was unknown since the Prakriti Swarupa was inconceivable too. From the left side of that Obscure Figure emerged an ‘Ashtadasha’ (Eighteen Handed) Maha Lakshmi; by visioning that Entity, the ‘Swayambhu’ Maha Kaali was astonished. She then witnessed the materialisation of an all pervasive Figure which was apparently Lord Brahma as he commenced Creation, the foremost being of water in the form of Rivers; the Lord took over Satya Loka. Meanwhile Maha Lakshmi greeted Maha Vishnu who appeared in two Major Parts viz. Raktanga on the left side and Gauranga on the right side. Both of them had four arms and equally powerful. Raktanga Ganesh is the Super Lord of Creation who is known as Lord Eshwara and Gauranga Ganesh is Niranjan whose meditation is performed by Yogis. It was stated that Lord Eshwara and Devi Parvati meditated to Ganesha some thousand years and on his appearance, the Eswara couples commended to Ganesha as follows:
Namo Vishwa rupaya Ganeshaya Paratpaney,
Chaturbhujaya Raktaya Yagnapurna karaayacha/
Vighna hantrey Jagatbhartrey Saravananda pradaayiney,
Siddheenam patayey thubhyam nirdheenam patayenamah/
Prasanno bhava Devesha Putro bhava mama priyah
(Our greetings to Vishnu Swarupa Ganesha! You are Four Armed, Raktavarna, Yagna Murti, Embodiment of Prosperity, the Creator and Preserver of the Universe, the bestower of happiness to one and all and Siddhipati; be pleased to become our child!) As they extolled Ganesha, he was materialised from Parvati and Devas celebrated. Surya putra Shaneswara also arrived and even at his cruel sight, the boy became headless. There was a moment of awe at the incident and for twenty days the sliced head of Ganesha continued to glow as Surya entered Tula Rasi and was in Chandra loka. All the Devas were in a state of shock and Shani Deva cut off the head of an elephant and installed it on Ganesha’s shoulders and Brahma who was pleased with Parvati’s prayers fixed the elephant-head firmly on the arrival of Karkataka Rasi by Surya Deva. This was how Ganesha was resuscitated as the genuine son of Eshwara couples. It was in the same manner that a highly virtuous Brahmana couple too was blessed at Kashi Nagara with a son famous as Dundi Raja who became Shankarachaarya’s disciple who authored ‘Jaatakabharana’, a Treatise on ‘Phalita Jyotish’(the Fruitfulness of Astrology).

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