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24    Glories of Agnivamsheeyas and the decline and fall of Hindu Dharma
Addressing the Rishis at Naimisharanya, Suta Maha Muni described the Agnivamsheeyas like Pramara, Chayahani and Parihaara. In the Southern Part of Bharat, Pramara became the King at Ambavati Nagara. In his lineage, Indrapal set up Indravatipuri (Indore), his son Malyavan established Malyavati Nagar and in this lineage Bindupal constructed Bindukhand.In the very lineage belonged to Kalpasimha who was childless and having taken bath at Ganga gave away in charity to well read Brahmanas a Place called Kalaap Kalaap which became renowned on Earth for a clan of Brahmanas who were extraordinary examples of Vedic Knowledge. Vayahani (Chapahani) was another Agnivamsheeya who established in Madhyadesha a Nagar called Ajmer, (literally meaning ‘Aj’for Brahmana and ‘Ma’for Lakshmi Devi
(Ajasya Brahmano Maa cha Lakshmistatra samaagata,
tayacha Nagaram Ramyamajameramatah smrutam).
The son of Chapahani was Tomar who was a Shiva Bhakta and pleased by his worship, Lord Shiva granted Indraprastha Nagar to him. Tomar’s youngest son was Chayahani (Chouhan) and in his lineage Jayasimha conquered Aryadesha and setup his Capital at Jayapura. It was in this lineage of Chapahani that Prithviraj Chouhan belonged to who established Delhi but Shahabuddin Ghori killed him and wrested power from the Agnivamsheeyas to firmly establish Muslim Rule thereafter. King Parihaar who was the other renowned Agnivamsheeya was the follower of Atharva Veda and destroyed lot of Buddhists and set up Kalinjar which became inaccessible to Mlechhas as the King worshipped Mother Kali which was eventually known as Kalikatapuri (Kolkata) and the neighbouring region was called Vanga (Bengal). In the lineage of Parihaar, Bhojavarma established Bhoja Rashtra, Shantivarma set up Shantipura and Nandivarma set up Gouda Rashtra (Dhaka) and another Place called Nadiha (Nadiya) or Vedaparayanapuri. Another successor Mahipati set up Urvimaya (Urmiya). Such was the significance of Agnivamsheeya Kings who constructed several famous Cities. After Prithviraj who set up Delhi was killed by Mohammad Ghori, a Paisacha (Pathan) called Qutubuddin was appointed as the Ruler of Delhi. The Mleccha / Pathan Kings destroyed several Hindu Temples, Tirthas. Most of the Sages left Naimisharanya and moved over to Badarika Kshetra. After the Melecchhas, Mukul (Mughal) Vamshees followed suit; their King Taimurlang commanded Aryas to stop Murti Puja (Worship of Idols) sayin that ‘Shaligrams’ were mere stones, that Vishnu was non existent and the so-called Brahmanas and Rishis invented / scripted Vedas and Shastras to fool the gullible masses and perpetuate ignorance so that they would retain an upper-hand in the social system. Thus, Taimarlang threw away and destroyed Vigrahas of Deities and Shaligrams on hordes of camels to decorate the thrones on which he and his successors sat on with vengeance and glee at the Taitthir (Taratar Desha). As Devas got agitated at these atrocities and approached Lord Indra, he threw his Vajrayudha and destroyed Tartar Desha completely and having retrieved some of the Shaligramas left them into the waters of Gandaki River so that at least a few of the Shaligramas would be recovered by the posterity.Subsequently Indra approached Brihaspati for advice; the Deva Guru disclosed that as ‘Adharma’ assumed high proportions, Vishnu, in the form of Surya Deva would be born in the form of Brahmana in Gouda Desha on the banks of River Gandaki at Shaktipura. On hearing this, Indra worshipped Surya Deva along with Ekadasha (Eleven) Rudras, Ashta (Eight) Vasus, and the two Ashwini Kumars at Prayaga in Magha Month as Surya entered ‘Makara Rasi’ under the guidance of Deva Guru.Surya Deva was pleased and having appeared before them all and gave away boons of a number of ‘Acharyas’who (Leaders of Dharma Reviving Missions) would be born henceforth to revive the falling values of ‘Dharma’ and ‘Nyaya’.

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