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Bhavishya Purana


23    King Bhoja
The tenth in the generation of Shalivahana was King Bhoja and he had to work hard to revive the values of the Shalivahana times which was indeed a bench-mark after of course was a historic record of the Golden Age of Vikramaditya. His Brahmana Guide, theorist and associate Kalidas was a renowned Poet whose works in the language of Sanskrit are unparalelled till date. Bhoja Raja extended his Kingdom far beyond River Sindhu upto Gandhar, Mleccha strong holds and several Kingdoms around Kashmir.It was at this time that among these Mleccha concentrations was Prophet Mahammad along with his growing number of followers. King Bhoja discovered among these Mleccha holds that Lord Rudra was residing at an undisclosed Place and worshipped Him after bathing Him with Panchagavya (Cow milk, curd, urine, dung and jaggery) and Ganga. Lord Shiva appeared before Bhoja and instructed him to to yield to various means of traps in the surrounding areas as they were full of Piscachas, especially one ‘Mahammad’ whom once before He gave boons in the past; instead Bhoja should visit Mahakaleswara which was full of Mlecchas where Arya-Dharma was extinct literally. As expected Mahammad met Bhoja and misdirected the King that the Deity at Mahakaleswara was subservient to him and shoud therefore follow his religion instead; Mahammad told that his religion. Kalidasa grew extremely angry ay what Mahamadi said and meditated the thousand ‘Navaakhari’ Mantra and by its potence, Mahammad got burnt and got converted as ash. Late in the night, the followers of Mahamad collected the ash and his Piscahak Soul paved way to a religion which cut the genitals of males, grew beard, ate meat of goat and cows, shouted on top of their vioce saying ‘Allah’ followed by prayers and were essentially iconaclasts or against ‘Vigrahas’. As an anti-dote to the Mahammad religion, Bhoja intensified the promotion of Aryan Belief, Sanskrit / Prakritik languages to Brahmanas and Sudras respectively. After the demise of Bhoja Raja, there were ten weak Kings and gradually Agnivamsheeya Kings took over significance. Kali Devata approached Bhagavan Janardana and complained that though the Lord assigned the duty to her to stall Dharma and initiate its weakening in the Kali Yuga and accordingly she created Mlechhas, but Agnivamsheeya Kings came to dominate and had been upholding Dharma. She said that in every house-hold, there should be vices like wine drinking, gambling, craving for money, lust for women, thieving and the like. Lord Krishna smiled and replied that after the last of Agnivamsheeya Prithviraj Chouhan would be killed by Sahoddin (Mohammad Ghori) and after plundering the riches leave Bharat by installing Qutukoddin as the chief Ruler. As prophesied, Agnivamsheeya Kings did prosper before their obliteration.

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