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News & Upcoming Events
Advaita Sabha Commences - 31 Aug. 2014
Tirukkovilgal Vazhipattu Kuzhu (Temple Worship Committee) -4th Annual Meet Held -31 Aug 2014
Tenali Shastra pariksha - Scholars honoured - 31 Aug. 2014
Vinayaka Chaturti celebrated at Shrimatam - 29 Aug. 2014
Annual South Indian Purohit Conference held - 16 Aug 2014
Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust - Sanmaan Programme held -15 Aug 2014
Sama Veda Sabha held - 12-14 Aug 2014
Shastra Sadas held - 11-13 Aug 2014
80th Jayanti Mahotsavam at Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 10 Aug 2014
Open-air auditorium inaugurated-10 Aug. 2014
Annual Panchaanga Sadas held - 4 Aug. 2014
Yajur Upakarma performed at Shrimatam, Kanchipuram - 10 Aug 2014
80th Jayanthi Mahotsavam of HH Pujyashri Jayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamiji- Sanmaan Samaaroh at New Delhi- 10 Aug 2014
Yajur Upakarma at Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 10 Aug 2014
Veda Parayanam held at Swamimalai - July - Aug 2014
Bala Bharatam - Inter School Quiz Programme on Indian Culture & Heritage - 10 Aug. 2014 onwards
80th Jayanthi Mahotsavam, Adi Festival and Vinayaka Chaturti at Devi Kamakshi Mandir, New Delhi - July - Aug. 2014
80th Jayanthi Mahotsavam at Pune- 11 Aug 2014
Laksha Kumkumarchana performed at Nellore Sankara Matam 18 July 2014
Atharva Veda Parayanam & Vastra Samarpanam at Swamimalai - 30 July - 2 Aug 2014
Veda Parayanam performed at Swamimalai on Mahaswamiji's Jayanthi Day - 12 June 2014
Swamimalai - Veda Parayanam Performed - May-June 2014
80th Jayanthi Mahotsavam at Kolkata Ved Bhavan- 11 Aug 2014
Janmashtami Mahotsavam at Kolkata Ved Bhavan - 17-25 Aug. 2014
Maharudram and Chandi Havan at Ved Bhavan, Kolkata - 31 July to 3 Aug 2014
Annual Agnihotra Sadas to be held - 1-3 Aug 2014
Refresher Course on Values & Ethics in Pancha Kavya- the five gems of Sanskrit Literature
Guru Poornima - Vyasa Puja Performed 12 July 2014
Vyasa Puja and Chaturmasya Vratam - 12 July 2014
Chandi Havan performed at Nellore - 12 July 2014
Malai Mandir Kumbabhishekam performed in the benign presence of His Holiness- New Delhi - 2 July 2014
CHATURMASYAM- Guru Vandana Naada Samarpanam - Schedule -12 July - 9 September 2014


‚¹¨¸›¸¡¸Ÿ¸œ¸›¸¡¸ ¹¨¸«µ¸¸½ ™Ÿ¸¡¸
Ÿ¸›¸À ©¸Ÿ¸¡¸ ¹¨¸«¸¡¸Ÿ¸¼Š¸÷¸¼«µ¸¸Ÿ¸Ã —
Ù¸»÷¸™¡¸¸¿ ¹¨¸ã÷¸¸£¡¸
÷¸¸£¡¸ 㸿㸸£ã¸¸Š¸£÷¸À ——1——

Oh Lord Viúnu! Drive away (my) immodesty, quell (my) mind and dispel the mirage of objects of worldly pleasure. Spread out compassion (in me) for all beings. Make me cross the ocean of worldly existence (to the shore, viz. mokúa) (1)

Ù¸¨¸Ù¸¡¸‰¸½™þÞؙ½ ¨¸›™½ ——2——

I bow at the lotus-feet of viúïu (the Lord of Lakúmi) of which the celestial Gañgá is the pollen (or honey), which afford the enjoyment of their fragrance and stand out as 'Sat', 'Cit' and 'Ánanda' (as the true Brahman) and which cut off the terror and pain of birth in this world. (2)

ã¸÷¡¸¹œ¸ Ù¸½™¸œ¸Š¸Ÿ¸½ ›¸¸˜¸ ÷¸¨¸¸Ú¿
›¸ Ÿ¸¸Ÿ¸¹ˆÅ›¸ã÷¨¸Ÿ¸Ã —
㸸Ÿ¸ºÍ¸½ ¹Ú ÷¸£ŒÃŠ¸ ˆÅÞ¸›¸
㸟¸ºÍ¸½ ›¸ ÷¸¸£ŒÃŠ¸ ——3——

Oh! Protector! Even with the difference (between You and me) passing off, I become Yours but You do not become mine. Indeed (though there is no difference between the waves and the ocean) the wave belongs to the ocean but nowhere (never) does the ocean belong to the wave. (3)

„Ö¼÷¸›¸Š¸ ›¸Š¸¹Ù¸™›¸ºÓ¸
™›¸ºÓ¸ˆºÅ¥¸¸¹Ÿ¸°¸ ¹Ÿ¸°¸©¸¹©¸™Ã™«’½ —
™Ã™«’½ Ù¸¨¸¹÷¸ œÏÙ¸¨¸¹÷¸ ›¸
Ù¸¨¸¹÷¸ ëˆÅ Ù¸¨¸ ¹÷¸£ãˆÅ¸£À ——4——

Oh Lord who held aloft the mountain and who are the younger brother of the mountain-breaker (Indra)! Oh Lord who are the enemy of the race of demons and who have the Sun and the Moon as your eyes! When You, the mighty Lord, are seen, does not the setting aside of birth (removal of samsára) come about? (4)

㸙¸ ¨¸ã¸ºš¸¸Ÿ¸Ã —
œ¸£Ÿ¸½æ¸£ œ¸¹£¨¸¸¥¡¸¸½ Ù¸¨¸÷¸¸
Ù¸¨¸÷¸¸œ¸Ù¸ú÷¸¸½¶ÚŸ¸Ã ——5——

Oh Supreme Lord! I am frightened by the suffering caused by birth (samsára). I am fit to be (I must be) saved by You who, coming down in the form of incarnations as fish, etc., always protect the world. (5)

™¸Ÿ¸¸½™£ Š¸ºµ¸Ÿ¸¹›™£
㸺›™£¨¸™›¸¸£¹›™ Š¸¸½¹¨¸›™ —
Ù¸¨¸Ó¸¥¸¹š¸Ÿ¸˜¸›¸Ÿ¸›™£ œ¸£Ÿ¸¿
™£Ÿ¸œ¸›¸¡¸ ÷¨¸¿ Ÿ¸½ ——6——

Oh Lord with the (mark of the) binding rope on Your belly! Oh abode of all auspicious qualities! Oh charming Lord of the lotus-face! Oh Govinda! Oh Lord who are the very Mandara mountain in the matter of churning the ocean of Samsára (worldly life)! Please remove my great dread. (6)

›¸¸£¸¡¸µ¸ ˆÅ²µ¸¸Ÿ¸¡¸ ©¸£µ¸¿
ˆÅ£¨¸¸¹µ¸ ÷¸¸¨¸ˆÅ¸¾ Þ¸£µ¸¸¾ —
ƒ¹÷¸ «¸’Ãœ¸™ú Ÿ¸™ú¡¸½
¨¸™›¸ã¸£¸½Ó¸½ 㸙¸ ¨¸ã¸÷¸º ——7——

May the combination of the six words (the honey-bee) ›¸¸£¸¡¸µ¸, ˆÅ²µ¸¸Ÿ¸¡¸, ©¸£µ¸¿, ˆÅ£¨¸¸¹µ¸, ÷¸¸¨¸ˆÅ¸¾, Þ¸£µ¸¸¾ revel for ever in my lotus-mouth. (May this prayer - ''Oh Náráyaïa! Oh Merciful One! Let me resort to your two feet as my refuge'' ever revolve in my mouth. (7)

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