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㸺 ͸ ⸛
㸺ğ ޸

Sudhmaalam drvayantim pibantim
sudhmrtime cidnandarpm.(1)

I bow to that embodiment of ambrosia which is Consciousness and Bliss incarnate. It melts the orb of the moon and drinks (the moon-light). It shines with its profuse lustre inside the suumn located in the lotus of adhra.

Suumn : a vein of the body supposed to be one of the passages for the breath.

adhra : one of the mystical circles in the body.

ڸиőӸş Ӹ-
Ÿ ٸӸ ٸ

sulvaya-gra obhbhirmm
mah padma kinjalkamadhye virjat
trikoe niam bhaje ri Bhavnm.(2)

I worship that Goddess Bhavn who is seated on the triangle which shines in the midst of the filaments of the white lotus. She is extremely beautiful with lovely and charming grace. She has a shining red body similar to that of innumerable rising suns.

ӸޡԸ 㸺 㸽
ڸ ٸ

kvanatkikii npurod bhsiratna-
prabhlha lkrdra pdbjayugmam
ajecyutdyai surai sevyamnam
mahdevi manmrdhni te bhvaymi(3)

`Oh! Great Goddess! I contemplate your lotus feet on my head as being served by the celestials such as Brahm, Acyuta (Viu) and others. These feet are wet due to red dye and dazzling with the gems of the anklets jingling with bells.

ڸŸ޸ť ⸟
ţÙěٸ ޸ 踸
Ӹ ٸӸڟ

mahratna-kacikalpam nitambam
sphuraddakivarta - nbhm ca tisro
valramba te romarjim bhaje'ham.(4)

Oh ! Mother! I worship your streak of hair on the three folds on the belly, as also the shining naval circling to the right. (I also worship your) hip having the red garment tied around the waist, adorned by the girdle studded with gems and tinkling.

ٸӸ Ĺٸ
ڸڸ 㸙 踺㡸

pamari stanadvanda-mambmbhujki
bhaje dugdha-prabhirmam tavedam
mah-hra-diptam sad prasnutsyam.(5)

Oh! Lotus-eyed Mother! I worship your two radiant breasts, round in shape comparable to lofty gem-studded pitchers. They are beautiful and are full with milk. Shining with a breast-lace and oozing at the top, they are beautiful and are full of milk.

Өե㸛 ٸӸ ٸ

jjvaladbhirlasantim bhaje r-Bhavnm(6)

I worship Goddess Bhavn who glitters with (four) arms delicate like the iria flowers, and which carry arrow, bow, noose and goad and which shine with bangles and bracelets.

㟸ư 㸺
ڸ㸺㸛 ٸӸ ٸ

dharasmera-vaktrravindm suntm
mahsuprasannm bhaje r Bhavnm.(7)

I worship Goddess Bhavani who is extremely graceful and tranquil, who has Her lotus-face shining like the autumnal full-moon smiling with red bimbha-like lips. She is lustrous with ear-ornaments studded with gems.

㸺㸸 㸺ϻ
ȹ Œ

sunsputam sundara-bhr-laltam
tavauariyam dnadakam katkam
lalte lasadgada kastri-bham

Oh Mother! I praise your lotus-face which bears musk on the cheeks and forehead, and the nostrils, the beautiful eye-brows and forehead, the lips and the graceful side-glance capable of conferring rewards.


ghana-snigdha-dhammilla-bhojjvalam te

I praise your head which is radiant with the crest-jewel and the digit of the moon. It has the swarms of bees swinging inside the moving braids and is shining with the densely set white jasmine flowers.

ٸ! 㨸
Ϝ޸ ޸㸻 㸛
ţ ٸ㡸 㸣Ӹ
㸙 ß 㸨Ӹ ޸

iti ri Bhavni! svarpam tavedam
prapact param ctiskmam prasannam
sphuratvamba imbhasya me htsaroje
sad vmayam sarvatejomayam ca(10)

May this smiling form of yours, Oh! Bhavni! which is beyond the Universe, very subtle and peaceful shine forth the lotus heart of mine, your child! May the literature in the form of all effulgence also dawn upon me!

ٸ ⸼-
ļ ţ޸ţӸ㸛
ÈŸ㘸 ٸ

gaebhi-mukhykhilai aktibndair-
vtm vai sphuraccakra-rjollasantim
parm rjarjevari traipuri tvm
ivkoparisthm ivm bhvaymi(11)

I contemplate on you Oh! Rjarjvar! Traipur, who are seated on the lap of Lord iva. You are the highest, are shining in the radiant cakra and are surrounded by all groups of aktis led by Lord Gae.

Ÿٸ- 
Ź Ϝ޸ 㸨
㸿㨸 ٸӸڟ

stvam ka-vyavastvam mahattvam
tvadanyo na kacit prapaco'sti sarvam
tvam nanda-samvit-svarpm-bhaje'ham(12)

I worship you. You are of the form of blissful knowledge. There is none else in the universe superior to you. You are the sun, the moon, the fire, the water, the sky, the earth, the wind and the mahat.

Here the Goddess is conceived as aamrti-eight forms as the Lord of the principles.

ڟ Ӹ
ĺظ ٸ
㨸 ϟ ťڟ

rutnmagamye suvedgamaje
mahimno na jnanti pram tavmba
stutim kartumiccmi te tvam bhavni
kamasvedam atra pramugdha kilham(13)

Oh! Mother Bhavn! I wish to praise you; Oh! Knower of the Vedas and gamas! You are unattainable through scriptures. (People) do not know the extent of your greatness. You please forgive this act of mine! I am indeed foolish.

Ը ⸛-
Ĺ Ĺ 㸨

gurustvam ivastvam ca aktistvameva
tvamevsi mt pit tvameva
tvamevsi vidy tvamevsi bandhur-
gatirme matir devi sarvam tvameva(14)

Oh! Goddess! You are my preceptor. You are Lord iva. You are the akti. You are my mother and father. You are the knowledge. You are my kith and kin. You are my only refuge, thinking and indeed all in all.

ڣԸ 㸺
ٸٸ ٸͽ

araye vareye sukruyam!rte
hirayodardyairagaye supuye
bhavraya bhteca mm phi bhadgre
namaste, namaste, namaste, Bhavni(15)

Oh! Bhavni! Salutations to you again and again. Oh! Auspicious one! Oh! my refuge! Oh! Meritorious one! oh! Compassion-incarnate! One who cannot be understood by Brahm and others! Protect me from the fear of the forest of mundane existence.

Ƚ 㟸
㨸 㸸
޸ ٸ

itmm mahacchrbhavni bhujaga-
stutim ya pahedbhaktiyuktaca tasmai
svakyaqm padm svatam vedasram
riyam casiddhim Bhavni dadti.(16)

Whoever reads this meritorious hymn on Bhavn set in bhujaga-prayta metre with devotion, Goddess Bhavni confers on him the eight perfections (siddis), prosperity and Her own external abode which is the essence of the Vedas.

ٸ ٸ ٸ -
㸨ę Ӹ
Ÿ ڸ ٸ
ř޸ Ř޸ Ӹ

Bhavn, Bhavni, Bhavn, trivram
udram mud sarvad ye japanti
na oko na moho na ppam na bhti
kadcit kathacit kutacijjannm.(17)

Whoever joyfully repeats the name ``Bhavni'' thrice will have no grief, no confusion, no sin, no fear anytime or anyway or from any quarter.


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