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Sama Veda Sabha held

Shankaralayam- Chennai, 25 November 2012

Vedas are the highest source of knowledge. Among the four  Vedas,  Sama Veda  is the most unique as it has the Mantra portion and the Gana ( music) portion as well.  This unique nature requires learning of the Veda twice, i.e.  in the Mantra form and again in the Gana form.  Families belonging to Sama Veda are less in numbers when compared to Yajur Veda in southern India. 

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
His Holiness being received with traditional Poornakumbham

With the intention of encouraging  the study  and chanting of Sama Veda covering all its aspects available presently and preserving its unique identity,  “The Sama Veda  Sabha “ was constituted by Their Holiness Shankaracharyas of the Sarvajna  Peetam  Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam  of Kanchipuram.  This Sabha was  inaugurated on the 25 of November, 2012 ,on the auspicious occasion of Brindavana Dwadasi  at Shankaralayam,  Chetpet Chennai. This day, it is deemed that payasa dana is performed for invoking divine blessings of Mahavishnu. This day was apt and thus chosen for the Sabha as the Lord in the Bhagavad Geeta states the Samaveda to be Himself”Vedaanaam Samavedosmi”.

Sama Veda Sabha
Procession carrying the holy "Sama Veda" from Vinayaka Temple to Shankaralayam

 The Sabha was marked by remarkable lecture sessions by renowned scholars in the fields of Sama Veda Bashya, Samaveda Lakshanam , Sama veda Brahmanas , Prayoga Sutras namely Gruhya and Srauta and Recitation of the Samaveda itself. The very special lecture  on the Reflection of Samaveda in the Tamil Scriptures by Mailam Mahavidwan Shri Sivasubramanam which stated the Samaveda to be Lord Shiva himself highlighted SamaVeda's importance, respect and devotion in Southern India. 

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
His Holiness releasing the book - "An Introduction to Sama Vedas in Tamil"

A book titled "Sama Vedam Oru Arimugam" (An introduction to Sama Vedas in Tamil) was released by His Holiness. The book has been brought out for free distribution to the students studying in Sama Veda Pathashalas.

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
His Holiness reading the book

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
View of a section of the audience comprising of scholars and students

Three senior Samavedic scholars were Honored by Retd Justice Shri Rathnam in the presence  of His Holiness. Earlier in the day, a unique procession was led by Senior Samavedic scholars from Vinayaka temple to Shankaralayam in Mayor Ramanathan road with chanting of Samaveda, carrying ancient manuscripts of Samaveda.

During the event, various manuscripts and books pertaining to Samaveda were displayed much to the awe of the participants. Around 300 people  participated in the Sabha and registered their details with the sabha to participate in future events. All the Vedic Scholars and students were honored. Efforts of His Holiness Pujyasri Mahaswmiji in protecting Sama Veda tradition in Bengal was remembered.

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
A scholar receiving Blessings from His Holiness

The function concluded with Anugraha Bhasanam of H H Pujyashri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi  Shankaracharya Swamigal, the 70th Acharya of  Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. In His  speech, His Holiness stated that the Vedas are to be memorized, with meaning and stressed that the karmas prescribed therein to be practiced with devotion. His Holiness felt that just as there are exchange programs in the modern education, there should be exchange programs between the North and South Indian tradition and culture as South is endowed with scholarliness  and North with bhakti and dedication.  

Those belonging to Samaveda may write to and get involved in this effort.

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
Sama Veda Manuscripts on display

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
Registration of Participants in progress

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
Upanyasam by a senior Scholar

Sama Veda Sabha 2012
Senior scholar being honoured in the presence of His Holiness

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