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Bhagwan Shiv

Lord Sivas ten incarnations corresponding to those of Shakti

 Corresponding to Ten Maha Vidyas of Shakti, Lord Siva assumed Ten Incarnations.

The first Incarnation was that of Mahakal and the counterpart Maha Vidya was of Maha Kali. The next was that of Tar and the corresponding Shaki was Tara. The third incarnation of Siva was Bhuvaneswar and the complement was Bhuvanewari while the fourth was Sodash or Sri Vidyesh and the matching Shakti was Sodashi or Sri. Parameswara’s fifth Avatar was Bhairav and the balancing Shakti was Bhiravi.

 Chhinnamastak Siva was the counter part of Chhinnamasta in the Sixth Incarnation. Dhumavan and Dhumavati were Siva and Shakti of the Seventh while the Eighth Avatars manifested as Bhagala Mukh and Bhagalamba. Matang and Matangi are the corresponding names of Siva and Shakti in the Ninth Incarnation and finally the Avatars of Siva and Mahavidyas were Kamal and Kamala.

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