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Essence Of Devi Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Budha weds Ila ( King Sudyumna)

As Budha fell in love with Ila, a beautiful woman, little did he realize that actually Ila was a King  turned into a woman. King Sudyumna a pious Ruler of his subjects went into a forest for hunting but as he and followers entered the area, they were all converted as women.This happened due to a ban imposed by Lord Siva as He was alone with Parvati once, a few Sages entered the forest and disturbed the Lord’s privacy. Not aware of this fact, the King and party entered.

The King thus converted into a woman was known as Ila, who out of shyness did not return to the Kingdom. Per chance, Budha met Ila and they were married and begot a child, named Pururava. Meanwhile Ila met Sage Vasishtha and revealed the entire happening and the Sage prayed to Lord Siva and begged Him a way out for the pious King Sudyumna to get back his original position. Lord Siva agreed to let Ila attain manhood every alternate month. Thus the appearances of Ila and the King alternated every month and as the wife of Budha, Ila gave birth to Pururava. In course of time, when Pururava was made the King, Sudyumna retired to Vanasprastha and prayed to Devi Bhagavati as Ila and her sincere devotion paid off  by absorbing her into the eternal Bhagavati Herself!                               

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