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Essence Of Devi Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Maha Bhagavatis Virat Swarupa

Maha Vishnu and Devatas were in raptures when Himavanta’s request to Maha Bhagavati to display Her  Collossal Form was granted. Her upper portion of the head is Satya Loka, Sun and Moon the eyes, Vedas Her utterances, the entire Universe is Her heart, Earth is Her loins, Bhuvarloka is the navel, Maharloka is the neck, Janarloka Her face, Tapoloka the lower part of Her head, Indras and Devathas in Svarloka are Her arms, sound emerges from Her ears,

Aswini Twins Her nostrils, fire is within Her face, eye brows represent Brahma, water  Her stomach, Lord Yama the Demi-God of death Her larger teeth, smaller teeth Her affection, Her Maya or Illusion is Her bewitching smile, Her side looks is Creation, Her lip is modesty and lower lip is materialism, unfairness is  Her back, Prajapati  is Organ of creation, Oceans are Her bowels, mountains are bones, veins are rivers, body hairs are trees, hairs on Her head are clouds, Her clothings are twilights, Her mind is Moon, Vishnu Her Vijnana Shakti, and Her destroying Shakti is Rudra. Bhagavati’s magnified appearanace was at once awesome and frightening, pleasing and alluring, cruel and kind, smiling but haughty. She is exceptionally radiant like several  Suns and remarkably spic in Her highly gorgeous form.

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