Unique darshan of Sri Paramacharya

K.K. Govinda Rao

I had occasions to learn about many inspiring experiences of devotees narrating unbelievable incidents that happened by the grace of Sri Paramacharya.

My first rare experience with Sri Paramacharya was about 16 years back.

During 1970's on 25th August, which happened to be the birthday of my son Sri K.V.S. Sarath Babu, I along with my son and Sri Krishna Sarma, city reporter of "The Mail" visited Kalavai village to have the darshan of Sri Paramacharya. We were told that no darshan was possible on that particular day. We however waited for a few minutes. To our great surprise we were called in to have the darshan of Sri Paramacharya. I had presented a few copies of the magazine "WISDOM" which was in its infancy. Sri Paramacharya was kind enough to go through the copy of "WISDOM" and the quality control of the contents. Sri Paramacharya then blessed us and the magazine, to serve the community and to grow to great heights. He graciously presented prasad as a token of His benign benedictions.

From that day onwards, "WISDOM" never looked back and the circulation crossed 1,20,00 copies with a leadership of over 25,00,000 at home and abroad. This phenomenal growth is due to the grace and blessing of Sri Paramacharya.

Later I had several occasions to visit Sri Paramacharya and receive His blessing and prasad from his worshipful hands.

I did not celebrate my 60th Birthday except by poor feeding and rendering help to deserving institutions but on the early morning of that particular day, I, along with my family, visited Sri Paramacharya. I was not only fortunate to be called in very close to Him, but was lucky to receive His blessings and prasad. Surprisingly a silk shawl and a garland were also presented to me as a token of His grace. I consider this as my unique fortune.

I earnestly believe that my several visits to Sri Paramacharya gave me inner peace and faith to meet the various challenges of life to lead a life of self surrender and unstinted faith.

May the grace and divine light of Sri Paramacharya be available to the world at large providing peace, harmony and unity of all citizens of our globe transcending the limitation of caste, creed, religion and nationality.