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My experience with His holiness


Once my wife Padmavati teased me saying that more than anything else I, as a drawing artist, should draw a picture of Kanchi Paramacharyal so that she could spend the rest of her lifetime by constantly looking at the picture without stirring out of the Paramacharyal.

I wrote at once to the Sri Matham Kanchi and quick came the order to go over there. After I offered my homage to His Holiness, He said, "So, you are going to draw my figure. You are the disciple of Mali. Do you think that I will be netted by you in the picture?"

After some days, however, He permitted me to draw. But it was a hot midday. He asked me to sit at a distance from Him, right in the open space in the hot sun. I was writhing in pain. I could not sit steadily as the ground was getting extremely warm. The Paramacharyal saw my predicament. There was an expression of grace in His eyes. The next moment the situation took a sudden change. The place became instantly cool and even pleasant.

Still His divine sport continued. However much I tried I could not get His figure and personality exactly in the picture.

Finally, after a good deal of repeated and concentrated effort, I finished the portrait somehow and placed it at the holy feet of the Paramacharya. My wife and I were sobbing all the time. We pleaded for His acceptance of the portrait granting that it resembled him. If it were not blessed by him, we said in bravado that He Himself could keep it with Him and that we did not want it.

At once He took the picture, held it close to His chest, closed His eyes in meditation and turned His glance towards the temple of Varadarajaswami(This incident took place in Little Kanchipuram). His eyes were full of tears; the temple bell chimed at the same instant.

He took the Bilva and Tulasi garland from His body and placed them on the picture, sprinkled akshata and sugarcandy on it and raising both His hands blessed us fully twice.

Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Sarasvathi Swamigal was watching the scene from a distance. He later fold me that I had received the grace in full measure from the Paramacharyal and was looking at the picture in great joy.