Essence Of
Varaha Purana


48    Phala Shruti
Lord Brahma affirmed to His Illustrious Son Sanatkumar that reading or hearing the Sacred Varaha Purana bestows enlightenment, peace of mind, and maturity, besides the Golden Means of Dharma, Artha, Kama (fulfillment) and Moksha. The Purana confers prosperity, long life, victory, fame, propitiousness, and sin-extinguisher. A person who reads this Consecrated Text will not lead to misery and misfortune. Reading it especially in the early hours of the day will grant the benefit of bath in the Tirthas of Prabhas, Naimisharanya, Gangadhar, Pushkar, Prayag, BrahmaTirth and Amarkantaka. It yields the ‘Punya’ of giving away in charity of Kapila Cow to a virtuous Veda Pundit. Reading the Varaha Purana, chapter by chapter till the end, awards the fruits of executing ‘Agnishtoma’ and ‘Atirathra’.Whoever listens the Purana with devotion furnishes the advantage of Yagnas, Charities, and ‘Tirtha Snans’according to Varaha Deva Himself. Reciting this Scripture with faith on Dwadashi Days should accord the gain of ‘Suputra Prapti’ (Excellent Sons).

Any household in the possession of the Varaha Purana and worships it would be the residence of Narayana Himself. Those who listen to the Chapters of the Purana frequently-even partially-would identify themselves with Bhagavan Vishnu.

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