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Varaha Purana


46    Lord Yama advises Narada as to how best to avoid Hell
During his mortal visit to Yama Lok and an audience with Yama Dharma Raja, Sage Nachiketa was present when Devarshi Narada had a Sacred Dialogue with Lord Yama as to how could a human being aviod sufferance at Naraka Loka after death. The reply of Yama Raja was as follows: ‘Those who perform Agni Homam, has sons, gives away charity of Bhumi, has a straight forward nature, has knowledge and interest in Vedas shall not visit Hell. He should have affection for his wife and vice versa, be truthful, practise charity, be a Vishnu Bhakta, non-argumantative, Swami Bhakta, follower of Non-violence, and believer of Brahmacharya shall not visit hell.Those who should be respectful to Brahmanas, have self control and restraint in respect of other women, be considerate and merciful to other human beings as his own, be mature and well- learned and be non-egoistic and deviod of resounding self image shall never go to hell. Those who are ready to perform sacrifice for Gurus, interested in helping others, be of service to Parents, and give away til-daan, cows, Gold and Bhumi are certain to avoid hell at any cost. Those who execute Yagnas as per laid up procedure for self or on behalf of others, follow the practice of ‘Ahitagni’ and ‘Chaturmasya Vrata’, follow Guru’s foot steps, observe silence and control of senses are sure to qualify themselves to reach Almighty. Celibacy, desirelessness and control of Shatvargas are the essential features of ‘Amaratva’ or accomplishment of Eternity.

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