Essence Of
Varaha Purana


40    A few Illustrations of ‘Vishnu Maya’
Bhu Devi was curious to learn about the oft-repeated refernces to ‘Vishnu Maya’ by Bhagavan Varaha in His discourses after He salvaged Her from sinking down under.
Bhagavan stated that even Brahma, Shankar, Indra and the entirety of Devas could not comprehend what Vishnu Maya was all about! He gave some telling demonstrations of Nature, Universe, Humans, Devas, Demons, and Sages as a few such occurences. For instance, the clouds on the Sky pour water on Prithvi at certain places and others are dry. Moon is bright at the commencement of a month but gradually wanes till the Sky gets completely dark by the month end. It is Vishnu Maya that the day/night temperatures change by the Seasons as ‘Greeshmas’ present extreme heat and ‘Hemants’ the opposite. Surya emerges on the East early morning and disappears on the West by the dusk. It is from the same physique that red blood and white semen flow which is a form of Maya. During the period of pregnancy a baby has no reaction to materials or senses, but the moment it is out into the world gets to learn, react and act. It is Vishnu Maya that human body normally assumes identity of body parts like two feet, two hands, twenty fingers, two ears, two eyes, back, stomach, etc.Interestingly enough whichever material is consumed as food, water etc. is digested with the help of ‘Jathara Agni’ and the wastes are rejected out. Vishnu Maya is at work in creating sensory organs and senses and sounds are heard, vision is facilitated, tastes are discerned, odours are smelt, reactions are felt. It is Vishnu Maya doubt that every being of moveable or immobile nature facilitates creation and assumes millions of beings reproduced. Maya is noticeable as rain from Skies or water from underground remains adjusted with pluses here or minuses there, except at the time of ‘Pralay’perhaps. Maya Shakti enables clouds to absorb salt water from Seas and turns to tasty water from clouds. Maya in action helps medicines to improve health and also to take away life at times. Indeed it is Vishnu Maya that after birth a child grows from stage to stage as a youth, as a married man, as an old man and finally at the door step of death. From a seed to an Ankur or small plant to a tree and a seed giving tree is again the action of Vishnu Maya. Vishnu Deva gave further illustrations of His lying in Yoga Nidra on ‘Sesha Shayya’ or Sesha Serpent Bed supported by Anantha Maya holding the entire Universe; it was Varaha Maya that lifted up Bhu Devi from the abysmal lower World. Basically, it is all Vishnu Maya that the negative factors of life are allowed to grow and Incarnations sport to terminate the negative forces! ‘Karanam Kaaranam and Kartha’or the Action, Cause, and the Performer syndrome are Vishnu Maya all about.

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