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Varaha Purana


38    Varaha Deva describes ‘Aparadhas’ (Offences) to be avoided
Having narrated the causes of grief or joy to Bhu Devi, Bhagavan Varaha described certain ‘Aparadhas’ to be avoided in one’s mundane life. No doubt, symbolic eating of Bhagavan’s Prasad by humans is not disapproved but offering ‘Bhog’ not suitable to be offered to Devas is unpardonable. In fact, offering of that kind of ‘Bhojan’ or food which is unfit for consumption to anybody is considered as an ‘Aparadh’. Going near to a person without ‘Dantadhavan’or cleaning teeth, tongue and face especially if the person is performing‘Dharmik Karma’ or a Virtuous Deed is considered as second ‘Aparadha’.
To approach near or touch the Idol of Varaha Deva is a third Aparadha. Approaching Varah Deva for His ‘Darshan’, let alone His worship, after seeing a female in the period of menses is noted as a fourth ‘Aparadha’. Similarly, a person should perform ‘Achanam’ after seeing a dead body. Worse still, if a person touches a dead body, one should take head-bath, perform the ‘Samskaras’ and approach Divinity. The Seventh Aparadha is to perform ablutions during worship time and worse still not to purify the body and mind to resume the interrupted Puja with ‘Kshamaapana’Mantra. Wearing a blue ‘Vastra’ or cloth to perform Vishnu Puja is the eighth ‘Aparadha’. Telling lies during Bhagavan Puja is a ninth offence. Touching with impure hands the Puja Items meant for worship is a Tenth Aparadha. The eleventh offence is that an angry person engaged in unreasonable tasks and allowed to do so. The twelfth Aparadha is to use Vishnu’s name in the Society to secure favours. The thirteenth offence is to wear a red cloth while performing Vishnu Puja. The fourteenth offence is that the puja is performed by wearing a black vastra. The fifteenth offence is that somebody touches the body of the devotee. A devotee feeding an‘Agnani’/ Unethical person by himself is the sixteenth blemish. Performing puja by wearing an uncouth cloth is a seventeenth offence. Worshipping the Deva after consuming fish and meat is considered as a grave mistake. Eating chicken meat before Deva Puja is the nineteenth fault. Touching ‘Dipa’ (light) and without ‘Achaman’ and touching Devas is the twentieth mistake. Having visited ‘Smashanas’ (burial ground) and seeking to touch Deva’s Idol without purifying the self by bath etc. is a known blunder and constitutes a grave sin. If Bhagavan Puja is taken up, after consuming ‘Pinyakam’ (Pitthi), it would be construed as the twenty second offence. Worship after consuming pig meat, wine and kusumb flower are the twenty third, twenty fourth and twenty fifth offences. Whoever wears somebody elses’ Vastra while performing the Puja of Deva is accused of a blunder numbered twenty sixth in the series of ‘Aparadhas’. Consuming the ‘Anna Prasada’ (food) meant for offering to Devas and Pitras before the ‘Naivedya’ (‘Mantrapurvak- offering) constitutes an abject blunder and is the twenty seventh in the series. Those who wear ‘padarakshas’ (chappals) and perform Deva’s worship would have committed a grave error which is counted as the twenty eighth ‘Aparadha’. Worship after massage is considered as an affront to Varaha Deva bearing number twenty ninth in the series of ‘Aparadhas’ .Performers of Deva Puja suffering from ‘Ajeerthi’ (Stomach upset) attract the thirtieth offence. Those worshippers of Vishnu Deva offering ‘Dhoop’ or incense would have made a mistake for the thirty first offence since that offer has a negative effect without Gandham (Sandal Paste) and Pushpam (flowers). Finally the Door of Deva’s symbolic abode ought to be opened by the resounding sounds of Bheris, conch shells and big bells; else this Aparadha too would have been perpetrated as the thirty third one!

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