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Varaha Purana


35    ‘Go daan’ (Charity of Cows) in various forms
Ensuring the credibility and merit of the Brahmanas concerned, offering of cows in reality or symbolically in the form of Idols by the donors would indeed derive far reaching ‘Punya’ or the fruit of meritorious action. Quite a few kinds of Dhenu Daan have been in vogue: Til Dhenu Daan is performed with specified quantity of Sesame Seed along with the Idol made of gold or silver or copper, even stone or any other material along with the same kind of calf Idol with the prayer to Goddess Dhenu that the donor should never experience non availability of any essential material in the life of himself or his family members. The Brahmana receiving the donation in all humility should bless the donor and pray to Maha Vishnu to grant boons to the donor. The procedure of donating Jal Dhenu is to first clean up and purify an area with cow dung, place two pots representing a cow and a calf, made of any material as above, fill up the pots with sandalwood, camphor and water of holy rivers preferably and donate it to a worthy Brahmana and pray for happiness and abolition of sins and the receiver would bless like-wise.A donor of Rasa Dhenu should sanctify an area and place two decorated pots of bigger and smaller size on kusa grass filled up with sugar cane juice as also place sugar canes on four sides to effect the donation; the donor should pray to the Rasa Dhenu to make his life sweet and happy and the Brahmana too would pray to Vishnu to provide contentment in the donor’s life and bless him to attain Vishnu loka after life. Dhenus are similarly donated with other materials like Sharkara Dhenu donating Sugar, Madhu Dhenu donating honey, Kheer Dhenu for donating rice, milk and sugar mix, Dhadhi Dhenu with curd, Navaneeth (Butter), Lavan ( Salt), Kapas ( cotton) Gud ( Jaggery) and so on. Indeed whatever may be the material donated, the charity of cows should attract Almighty’s boons as per the donor’s wishes and forms.
Among the various types of Go-Daans mentioned above, Kapila Dhenu Daan is considered as the most outstanding. A virtuous person waking up early morning and washes a Kapila Dhenu with water flowing down from its head and neck to its feet with devotion daily would most certainly washes off his sins for years. Charity of a Kapila Dhenu in reality would secure the ‘Punya’ of performing Gomedha Yajna, besides fetching maximum benefits of any such charities put together!

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