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13    Kartikeya’s worship on ‘Shasthi’ and its auspiciousness
In a ferocious battle between Devas and Demons once, Devas were defeated severely and the lack of a suitable Commander-in- Chief was realised as the major cause for the defeat. Devas and Brahma approched Maha Deva Siva for a quick solution. It was realised that in the union of Siva and Devi Parvati, an unknown power was created called ‘Ahamkar’ a Personality Ego or Self-Image. It was this ‘Ahamkar’ which was personified and created as Lord Kartikeya. Maha Deva declared that Kumar would be the best choice for the position of Deva Senapati or the Commander-in-Chief of the Deities. He was named after ‘Krittikas’ who fed the boy with their breast-milk. Infact, as Sage Mahatapa explained to King Prajapaal, Krittikas, Agni, other Matru Gana, and Devi Parvati, aside from, of course, Maha Deva the Principal Cause and the ‘Ahankar’ were all responsible for the Genesis of Kartikeya. [‘Krittikas’ were the the Six wives of Sapta Rishis-named the Pleides or the Nymphs in modern Astronomy; when Lord Siva and Devi Parvati were enjoying conjugal happiness at Kailasa, all the Devas, Brahma and Vishnu sought an emergency audience with Lord Siva who in a hurry spilt his semen on the ground and Agni Deva transformed as a pigeon pecked up the drops but could not bear the inflammation. Maha Deva Himself advised the pigeon to inject the drops into a woman of unparalelled virtue. Agni identified Six Women-supposed to be the Six wives of Sapta Rishis- and injected the drops into the pores of hairs of their body; the Six women too could not bear the extreme effervescence and relocated the drops into the violent flow of River Ganges which in turn carried to the bushes of the reed (Sarkanda) and there appeared a boy of mysterious magnificence. Devi Parvati came to learn of the incident and cursed all the Devas who disturbed Her privacy with Siva and cursed their wives to become barren. Sage Visvamitra appeared at the bushes and named the boy as
Guha and bestowed him the totality of Vedic Knowledge and the title Brahmarshi; the Six Krittikas tried to breast feed and the boy solved the problem by assuming six heads and mouths and is called Shanmukha.]

Lord Siva gifted Kumar two significant ‘toys’ to play with, one a live ‘Kukkut’( rooster) and branch of Tree as also a play mate named ‘Visakha’. All the Devas who present congratulated Kumar and commended (‘Stuti’) him as follows:

‘Bhavasva Deva Senani Maheswarastuta Prabho
Shanmukha Kanda Visvesha kukkutadwaja Paavake-
Kampitare Kumaresha Skanda Balagrahnuga
Jitaare Krounchavidhvamsa Krittikasuta Matruja-
Bhutagrahapati sreshtha Paavaki Priya Darshana,
Maha Bhutapateh Putra Trilochana Namostutey-
Yvam Stutastada Devaihi vavardha Bhavanandanah,
Dwadasaadithya samkaso vabhuvaadhuta Darshanah
Trilokyamapi tattejasthaapayamaasa Parthiva!’

The birth of Kartikeya at the Krittika Star on the Sixth day of the bright fortnight of Margasira month (Krittika Nakshatra of Shashthi Tithi of Suddha Paksha of Margasirsha Month) brought relief to the Universe, immense joy to the Siva Couple, sense of liberation to all Devas who were indeed the direct beneficiaries since Brahma’s boon was that only Siva’s son could terminate the Demon Tarakasura and finally great fear and apprehension to Tarakasura and followers! Brahma had formally declared Shashthi of every month would be a day of austerity and fast only with ‘Phalaahar’ or fruits as food. Those who are deviod of sons, prosperity and status ought to observe the fast and recite the above Karikeya Stuti for instant results.

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