Essence Of
Varaha Purana


1    Introduction
By assuming the incarnation of Varaha, Lord Vishnu salvaged Earth (Bhu Devi) from being sunk into the under-world of ‘Rasatala’ by the fierceful demon Hiranyakasipu. The Great Boar lifted up Earth by His ‘damshtra’ (Jaws) even as the demon was annihilated. Bhu Devi was stupified in bewilderment but after recovering from the shock, she was emboldened to pose a volley of queries to Varaha Deva as to how the entire Universe got dissolved, how the process of Creation was revived after each Kalpa, how ‘Dharma’ (Virtue) and ‘Adharma’ (Vice) were balanced and in which kind of extreme situations that Lord Vishnu would incarnate in various forms. Lord Varaha outlined Bhu Devi’s difficult queries in a brief manner.

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