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Vamana Purana


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23    Vamana Purana Vaachana, Shraavana /Shravana, Pathana Phala Shruti

Maharshi Pulastya who narrated Vamana Purana to Brahmarshi Narada assured that the Purana’s Kathana and Vaachana ( recitation) would bestow lofty fame, Bhakti and Vishnu Loka Praapti. The Purana Shraavana-Shravana would cleanse the body and soul of the Presentor and the Listener just as the Sacred Ganagaajala Snaana. The Purana Shravana assures that the person concerned and his / her clan would be shielded against physical ailments and ‘Abhichara Karma Prayogaas’ like Maarana, Mohana, Ucchaatanaadi base-categories of Applcations by Evil and Unscrupulous and Jealous persons. Sincere and virtuous human beings taking interest in the Purana would be freed from their accounts of Sins and upgrade their accounts of Punya to the extent of performing Ashwamedha Yagna and Daanaas of Gold, Bhumi, Ashwa, Gou, Ratha and even Elephants. Even the Shravana of a Chapter even of Vamana Purana would attain purity of mind and clarity of thought. Navagraha Shanti is assured to the person reading or expaining the meaning and purport of even portions of the Purana. Worship of Surya- Chandra Eclipse times and  Daanas especially Anna Daanaas and Brahmana Sevas would be highly beneficial while reciting the Purana. But care must be taken not to recite the contents of the Purana to non-believers, Achaara heena Vyaktis, and confirmed arguers and hecklers. Those who read or listen to the Purana must first assume the best possible disposition of mind and attitude by invoking Narayana with devotion and then only proceed to the Pathana and Manana of this Sacred Account of the Avatara of Vamana Deva as it also firmly establishes the  Advaita Siddhanta of the Uniqueness and Oneness of Bhagavan Vishnu and Parama Shiva!

Namo Namah Kaarana Vamanaaya Narayanaamita Vikramaaya

Shri Shankha Chakraasi Gadaadharaaya
Namostu tasmai Purushottamaaya/

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