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18    Shiva and Vishnu killed Jalodbhava-Origin of Sudarshana Chakra and Trishula

Bhakta Prahlada reached River Iravati to take sacred bath, then to Kurukshetra, Sudarshana Chakra Tirtha, Devika Tirtha Snaana and worship of Nrisimha Deva, Gokarna for Kameswara Darshana, Pundarika Darshana, followed by Payoshini Snaana and Akhandeswara puja, Shambhu Puja at Devahlada, and made a six day halt at Madhunandini to vision Chakradhari Shiva and Suladhari Govinda! It was in this context that Pulastya Maharshi narrated the background of the pauranik story to Narada Muni. Daitya Jalodbhava secured invincibility from Brahma; neither the curses of Brahmarshi nor Agni/ Water could demolish him. The Daitya tormented the Beings of the Srishti, especially Maharshis and there was an over-all threat to their existence. Devas approached Vishnu Deva and the latter accompanied by Mahadeva attacked the Demon who hid himself in the deep waters of Madhumati. As both the Bhagavans arrived at the banks of the River, Jalodbhava disappeared and scaled the heights of Himalayas; having scented the presence of the Daitya on the Himalayan peaks, Vishnu and Shankara destroyed the Daitya instantly and thus maerialised the Sacred River Vitasta in Kashmira Region and that was where Bhakta Prahlada worshipped: Yatreshwaro Devasarasya Vishnoh praadaadrathaanga pravara ayudham vai, Yena prachiccheda Tridhaiva Shankaram Jignaasa maanostra balam Mahatma/    ( It was at the Bhrungatunga Tirtha that Bhagavan Shambhu gifted a Mahaastra Chakra to Vishnu and the latter assessed its supreme power sliced the Astra into three parts creating a Trishula or a Trident).                                                                              

Pulastya Maharshi informed Narada about the background of Sudarshana Chakra and Trishula as follows: A Veda Vedanga Brahmana called Veetamanyu and his virtuous wife Aayetri gave birth to Upamanyu; the couple were so poor that Aatreyi administred ground rice powder and water as milk to the son for years together and as one day in another Brahmana’s house Upamanyu tasted real milk as ‘Ksheeraanna’ and insisted in the house too to have it daily; the mother replied with tears in her eyes: Umapatou Pashupatou Shuladhaarini Shankarey, Aprasannow Virupaashey krutam Ksheerena bhojanam/ Yadeecchasi payo bhoktum sadyah pushtikaram suta, Tadaaraadhya Devesham Virupaaksham Trishulinam/ Tamsmitushtey Jagadvyaamni Sarvakalyani daayini, praaptemruta- paayityam kimpunah Ksheeera bhojanam/                                                       (Son! Since Maha Deva Shankara who is also called Umapati, Pashupati, Shuladharini and Virupaksha was not kind to us, how could we get Ksheeraanna /real milk and rice? If you insist so, then you have to sincerely worship Virupaksha. My lad! If you could please him, then why only Ksheeraanna ; even Amrit would be available to all of us!). Then Upamanyu asked his mother as to who that Virupaksha was! She explained that there was a Mahasura King called Shridaama who created havoc to the World killing Munis, Brahmanas and even children; he defeated Devas and threw them out of Swargaloka, harassed Devi Lakshmi and even chased Vishnu to forcefully take away his Srivatsa Jewel. Vishnu prayed to Virupaksha and the latter gifted Sudarshana Chakra with which was like a fiery Kalachakra:                                                           Kaalachakranibham chakram Shankaro Vishnumabraveet, Varaayudhoyam Devesha Sarvaayudha nibharhanah, Sudarshanou dwaadashaarah Pashnaabhi dhruyugo javee/ Aaraasamthaaswamee chaasya Devaa Maasaascha Raashayah, Sishtaanaam rakhsanaarthaaya samshitaa rutavascha shat/ Agnih Somastatha Mitro Varunotha Shacheepatih, Indraagnee chaapuatho vishvey Prajaapataya eva cha/ Hanumaamchaatha Balavaan Devo Dhanvantarastithaa, Tapaschaiva Tapasyascha Dweaadashoutey pratishthitaah, Chaitraadyaah Phaalgunaantascha Maasaastatra pratishthitaah/                                                             

(The Sudarshana Chakra was like the frightening Kalachakra that Shankara gifted to Vishnu which had twelve compartments, six ‘naabhis’ or hinges, two Yugas of validity, top speed and instant smasher of any kind of ‘Aaudhaas’ of enemies. The Chakra was essentially to rescue virtuous Beings and in the compartments were situated Devatas, Rashis, Six Ritus or Seasons, Agni, Soma, Varuna, Mitra, Indra, Vishvadeva, Prajapati, the mighty Hanuman, Dhanvantari Deva, Tapasya and the Twelve Months from Chaitra to Phalguna). As Shankara described the Chakra as ‘Amogha’ or Singularly Ehhective, Vishnu liked to test its Uniqueness and Effectiveness and thus made a test-run on Maha Deva himself! Then Vishnu let the chakra aiming Maha Deva, who no doubt escaped but sliced off Visvesha, Yagnesha and Yagna yaajaka; as Vishnu was stunned that the sliced Shiva‘Amshas’ or Alternate Shaktis viz. Hiranyaksha, Suvarnaaksha and Virupaksha since these Amshas of Mahadeva were only Kalyana Karini Shaktis or of auspicious features, but not of destroying features; therefore the Chakra was fundamentally of destruction mode and would not adversely affect Shiva’s propitious charecteristics in any way! Having assured Vishnu thus, Mahadeva asked Janardana to act forthwith and destroy the Asura Sridaama and as he did so the entire Universe secured relief fromAlso, Upamanyu took his mother’s advice to worship in right earnest and Parama Shiva blessed the boy to drink not only Ksheeraanna but Elixir too!

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