6    Manvantaras

Then the Theme of Puranas invariably covers Fourteen Manvantaras and Vamshas. The past Manus were Swayambhu, Swarochisha, Uttama, Taamasa, Raivata, Chakshusa and the current one is Vaiwasvata; the names of the rest of the Manus to follow would be Saavarni, Bhoutya, Rouchya and four more Saavarnyas.From Swayambhu Manu’s lineage was born Dhruva the son of Uttanapada; as he was given partial/unfair treatment to his cousin brother and step-mother, he performed exceptional Tapasya to Narayana under the Guru Narada Maharshi as Vishnu himself appeared and granted Dhruva a unique position of the Sky as a Pole Star. A descendant of Swarochisha Manu viz. a King figured out in Puru Vamsha named Vena and his illustrious son Prithu Chakravarti who chased Prithvi in the form of a cow and after controlling her forced her to yield ample milk to various species in the Universe under his Sovereignty in the way desired by them; human beings milked foodgrains, Rishis milked Tapomaya Brahma, Pitru Devatas milked ‘Swadha’, Nagas milked Visha / Poison, Asuras milked Maya or Illusions, Kuberas milked Antardhana Vidya, Gandharvas milked Sugandha , Rakshasaas milked blood, Parvatas milked Auoshadhis, Vrikshas milked the milk-cut white gum etc thus satisfying all the species.

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