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Video Conferences with Sikkim Veda Patashala and other events


HH Pujyashri Shankaracharya Swamigal blessed the members of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Veda Patashala at Gangtok, Sikkim through Video Conference held on 1 May 2021. The meeting began with Sikkim Patasala students and Adhyapak chanting Vedha Gosha giving Poorna Kumbha respects to Swamigal. Members requested blessings of His Holiness for the patasala activities and for the proposed construction of a building for Veda Patashala that is estimated to cost Rs. 25 Lakhs. Sri Acharyal gave AnugrahaBashanam. He reminisced about Jagadguru Jayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal’s initiatives and travels in North-East India. His Holiness appreciated the work being done by the members and blessed the gathering.
In other video conferences, Pujyashri Acharyal blessed the Tamil Pannisai programme for lokakshema organized by Sankara Arts & Science College and the Sri Krishna Guha Mahimai organized by Sri Kamakshi Srividhya Samiti & Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Kainkarya Sabha, UK with Anguraha Bhashanam on 1 May 2021.
Sri A B Shukla, Chief Coordinator of Indian Knowledge System Department, Bharatiya Gyan Parampara Vibag sought blessings and guidance of Acharya Swamigal through Video Conference this evening (5th May 2021) for the Bharatiya Gyan Parampara Vibag project to be implemented to benefit the youth and our society.

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