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Need for Temple Protection- Message in Telugu



In real sense, temples are places of spiritual energy which always protects us. But today there is a need to protect our temple heritage - His Holiness appeals for temple protection movement
Pujyashri Shankaracharya Swamigal speaks about Essence of Dharma, Need for Satsangam, Daiva Anugraham, Concept of Vigraha Aradhana, Shastric way of Worship including method of Mandira Nirmanam, Temples as centres of Divine spiritual energy, Dharma, Arts & Culture, Religious practices & Knowledge, Discipline, Community oneness, Nature protection, Historic knowledge through inscriptions.
His Holiness further stresses the need to protect this heritage by Sastric wisdom, sound administration through proper legal framework and finally by a dedicated & devoted society formed through good family value system.

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