Kal Vaitta Vaaram held
Shrimatam Camp at Mylapore - 24 May 2015

As a part of the Yajur Veda Sammelan held at Shrimatam Camp in Mylapore Sanskrit College, 'Kal Vaitta Vaaram' was conducted.

Kal Vaitta Vaaram is a unique system wherein the scholar is examined by a group of judges. The system is such wherein the judges are also not aware of the question they are going to ask as it is based on a random selection method. For example there are three major divisions in the Yajur Veda- the Kanda, the Prashna and the Anuvaka divisions. Small children are asked to choose any number between 7 for the Kanda aspect as there are seven Kandas, after the selection they are asked to choose numbers ranging between 1-10 for the prashnas (as in each Kanda) and similarly for Anuvakas also. So the question would be 3-6-5 etc..

The aspirant has to then recall the selected portion of the Veda and chant 250 Padas (words) from the portion. If he stops at 249 or over shoots beyond 250, he is deemd to have failed. Also his rendering has to be clear and perfect in Swara intonation. His speed and duration of chant should not exceed the specified time. One who satisfies all these criteria is declared the winner.

On the other hand, the examiners would never show any hint - of completion, non- completion or doubt etc. The aspirant has to manage all by himself. Once he declares his chant to be completed the result is announced.

There is no age restriction for participation. In fact the senior scholars also try their hand in the competition.

In the Kal Vaitta Vaaram held on 24th, 20 aspirants, mostly young Kramapathis and Ghanapathis took part. Of the 20, 7 won and the rest gave their best try.

The winners were felicitated as part of the Sanskrit College Alumni meet. They were given Sanmanam and other participants were given consolation Sanmaan appreciating their attempt.

Yesterday after the completion of the entire Yajur Veda Sammelan, His Holiness Pujya Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal in his address appreciated the way the Kal Vaitta Vaaram was conducted. Specially referring to the judges, His Holiness reminded the Pancha Naleeyam incident from Nala Charitram much to the awe of the assembly. His Holiness said that Damayanti was able to differentiate the original Nala from the other Nalas (Gods took the form of Nala) by finding the human traits of winking of eyes and feet touching the ground. But here, Holiness said that, all the judges were so composed that they did not reveal even a single emotion. His Holiness stressed that such events help in improving skills and encourage young Vidwans. Also they get a chance to watch senior scholars' conduct and take their guidance.

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