Matsya Avatara


9    Shiva’s boon to Shukra, the latter weds Jayanti and Indra’s maneuver (‘Shivaashtottara’ included)
In the distant past, Danava King Hiranyakashipu was stated to have ruled Trilokas for one arab seven crores twenty lakh and eighty thousand years (170,20, 80,000), while King Bali ruled for two crore and seventy thousand years; it was stated further that ten full yugas, Universal Administration was in the control of Daityas. In the subsequent ten yugas, the Administration was with Devas and there was peace without battles. Danava Guru shifted loyalty to Devas and commenced to attend Deva Yagnas. Danavas were disturbed at this development and approached Shukracharya as to why this had happened. Then the Guru explained that it was a temporary phase only and that he would donate to them away all his possessions viz. Mantras, Auoshadhis /Medicines, and wealth / Ratnas. Meanwhile, Devas got perturbed that Shukracharya was meddling in their internal affairs in favour of Danavas. Deva-Danava skirmishes ensued and Danavas looked up for the advice of Shukra. The Acharya then explained to Asuras that ever since Vishnu incarnated as Vamana, cheated King Bali and obtained the proverbial ‘three feet of land’ occupying the whole Universe, there had been serious injustices to Danavas such as the control of King Bali and the killings of stalwart Danavas especially Jambhasura and Virochana; in fact, over a dozen battles, the strength of Daityas got awfully depleted. As such, Shukra advised the Danava Chiefs to raise the flag of truce to Indra and Devas for the time being and completely desist from further battles; meanwhile he would perform Tapasya to Maha Deva to seek his boons in favour of Danavas. Accordingly, Daityas headed by Prahlada discarded their battle attires and war material and dispersed into forests to to execute Tapasyas.On his part, Shukracharya prayed to Maha Deva, and the latter responded to him favourably and taught a Vrata to be performed by the Danava Guru.The Vrata was never performed earlier and was indeed quite tough since it had to be observed for thousand years with head down and erect, by taking in the smoke of wood. But meantime, Devas started tormenting and provoking Danavas and they approached ‘Guru Mata’named Khyati since their Guru was away in penance. She utilised some ‘Abhicharika’ (negative) Mantras and made Indra and Devas motionless and still (stambhana), but Vishnu absorbed them all into his (Vishnu’s) physique. Devi Khyati retaliated by her asserting that both Indra and Vishnu would be burnt off from her ‘Tapobala’ or the might of her Tapasya. Vishnu called up his Sudarshan Chakra and directed it to cut the neck of Devi Khyati, the mother of Shukracharya. Bhrigu Maharshi, Devi Khyati’s husband, said that even being aware of Dharma Vishnu killed a woman and thus cursed Vishnu that he would be born ten times from a female body; he put together Khyati’s neck and body and revived her by his Taposhakti. Indra was afraid of Shukracharya and being aware of the impending danger of the Danava Guru returning after his ‘Tapas’to Maha Deva, planned that he should despatch his daughter Jayanti to secure goodwill first from the mother Devi Khyati and eventually serve Shukra in his ‘Tapas’ and gain confidence of his to enable him to perform the Vrata that he was asked by Mahadeva. As prescribed, Shukra performed the Vrata and Mahadeva was pleased and taught the Secret Mantra never to be revealed to anybody and that he could conquer any opponent in the Universe; Maha Deva also bestowed to Shukra the boons of ‘Prajsetwa’ or Prajapati, ‘Dhanestwa’ (Chief of Wealth) and ‘Avadhyatwa’ (Invincibility). Shukra was thrilled at Maha Deva’s kindness and eulogized him as follows:

Namostu Shitikanthaaya Kanishthaaya Suvarchasey,
Lelihaanaaya Kavyaaya Vatsara -andhasah patey/

(He who possesses ‘karpura goura kantha’ or blue-throat due to his retention of ‘Haalaha Visha’; The youngest of Brahma’s sons as Rudra; possesses radiance due to his Adhyayan and Tapas; tongue mover at Pralaya time; has the characteristics of a Poet; the Chief of Anna / Food)

Kapardiney karaalaaya haryakshaney varadaayacha,
Samstutaaya Suteerthaaya Devadevaaya ramhasey/

(Jatajutadhaari; of frightening Form; of yellow eyes; the boon provider; is extolled all over; the Form of excellent Tirthas; the most Superior of Devas.; highly swift and fast)

Ushneeshiney Suvaktraaya Bahurupaya vedhasey,
Vasuretaaya Rudraaya Tapasey Chitravaasasey

( wears a turban on his head; of attractive countenance; One among the Eleven Rudras; Vidhaan karta; Agni rupa; the Life of all the species on the Creation; of the Form of ‘Tapas’or high meditation; wears highly colourful dresses)

Hrasvaaya Muktakeshaaya Senaanye Rohitaayacha,
Kavaye Rajavrikshaaya takshaka kreedaanaaya cha/

(of short stature; with fully opened Jataajutas); Senapati / Commander in Chief; Of the Form of a deer; has extraordinary knowledge of matters; Representation of a Rudraksha Tree; Playful with Nagaraja Takshak)

Sahasrasirasey chaiva Sahasraakshaaya Meedhushey,
Varaaya Bhavyarupaaya Swetaaya Purushaayacha/

( Possessive of thousand heads; thousand eyed; augmenter of commendations; highly meritorious; exceedingly handsome; of pleasing colour of pure white; Self Regulator)

Girishaaya Namokaarya Baliney Aajyapaayacha,
Sutruptaaya Suvastraaya Dhanviney Bhaargavaayacha/

(Rests on Kailasa Mountain; Greetings to Arka or the Cause of Surya’s Creation; The Epitome of High Energy; the guzzler of Ghee; Extremely contented; wears clean and beautiful ‘vastras’; Carrier of bow and arrows; of Parashurama Swarupa)
Nishanginey cha Taaraaya Swakshaaya Kshapanaayacha,
Taamaraaya chaiva Bhimaaya Ugraaya cha Shivaayacha

( Possesses mighty arrows; Vishwa Rakshak / Protector of the Universe; Has attractive eyes; has the Swarupa of a mendicant; Has red lips; Bhima / one of the Eleven Rudras and ferocious; Ugra or Violent; Shiva or of the Embodiment of Propitious -ness)

Mahadevaya Sharvaaya Vishwarupa Shivaayacha,
Hiranyaya Varishthaaya Jeyshthaaya Madhyamaaya cha/

(Highly venerated by Devas; Sharva or The Destroyer at the Pralaya time; The Lofty Swarupa of the Universe and the Source of Auspiciousness; The Original basis of Gold; Sarva Sreshtha or the Noblest and the most Vituous; Adi Deva; Madhyastha or the Central / Prime Energy)

Vaastoshpatey Pinaakaaya Muktaye Kevalaayacha,
Mrigavyaadhaaya Dakshaaya Sthaanavey Bhishanaayacha/

(The Principal Founder of Vaastu Shastra; The distinguished Wearer of Pinaka Dhanush; The Bestower of Salvation; The Singular and Unique Purusha; The Hunter of Animals being the Epitome of Tamasa Guna; Daksha or the Great Enthusiast; Sthanu or the Prime Pillar of the Universe; of dreadful Form)

Bahu netraaya Dhuryaya Trinetrayeswaraaya cha,
Kapaalineycha Veeraaya Mrityavey Traimbakaayacha/

(Sarvadrashta or Multi-Visioned; Agraganya or The ultimate; The Three Eyed of Surya-Chandra and Agni; Ishwara or the Supreme Controller; The Wearer of Kapala or Skull by his fourth hand; Shuraveera; Mrityu or the Great Annihilator; Traiyambaka or The Three Eyed, being the last of Ekadasha Rudras)

Babhravecha Pishingaaya Pingalaayarunaaya cha,
Pinaakiney cheshmatey Chitraaya Rohitaayacha/

(Vishnu Swarupa; of Pishaga or Reddish brown colour; Pingala or mix of blue and yellow; Aruna or Surya Varna; Pinakini or Trishula dhaar; Ishu matey or wearer of Arrows; of astonishing Form; and red coloured deer-like).
Dundubhyayaika paadaaya Ajaaya Buddhidaayacha, Aaranyaya Grihastaaya Yataye Brahmachaariney/
(He is pleased with the thumps of ‘Dundubhis’/ big drums; Ekapada, one of the Eleven Rudras, who is unique in seeking protection from; Aja, another of the Ekadasha Rudras named Ajanma or birthless; Buddhidaataa the bestower of mental power; Aaranya or the Resider of Forests; Grihasta who likes to stay in family atmosphere too; Yati or Sanyasi; Brahmachari or Unmarried male / student; Sankhya or who has the capacity to sift Atma or Anatma; Yoga or the Samadhi Swarupa who has the ultimate knowledge of Atma (One’s own Soul) and Paramatma (The Supreme); Vyapi or All Pervading; Dikshita or Somayaga Karta or a member of Eight Murtis of Yagna; Anahata or he who has the Eight leaves of Lotus Chakra inside his heart; Sharva who mesmerises the Sages in Daruka Forest; Parvati’s dearest husband; Yama at the time of destruction)
Rodhasey chekitaanaya Brahmishthaya Maharshiye, Chathuspaadaaya Medhyaya rakshiney seeghragaaya cha/
(He who obstructs Adharma like the shores of Seas); abundant Form of Jnaana; Unparalelled Veda Vidyan; Maharshi like Vasishtha and such other distinguished Mahatmas; Chatushpaada or He who has four feet viz. Vishwa, Tejas, Pragna, and Shivadhyana Rupa; Medhya or Outstanding Form of Purity; Rakshi or Saviour; Mobile at high speed)
Shikhandiney Karaalaya Damshtriney Vishwavedhasey, Bhaaswaraaya Prateetaaya Sudeeptaaya Sumedhasey
(The wearer of Jataagra cluster on Jataas; Bhayanaka; possessor of sharp ‘Dumshtras’/Tusks; Creator of the Universe; Most Lustrous; Admired and Accepted; Unimaginably beaming; possessive of towering acumen).
Kruraayaa vikrutaaaiva bheeshanaaya Shivaaya cha, Sowmyaaya chaiva Mukhyaaya Dhaarmikaaya Shubhaayacha
/( Cruel; completely devoid of negative actions; fearful; Emblem of Propitiousness; Shanti Swarupa; Sarva Sreshtha; Practitioner of Virtue; Mangala Swarupa; Unending; Indestructible; Permanent; Everlasting; Action-oriented; Highly Distinguished; Promoter of Lokas; Saakshi or the Unique Evidence of all Actions)
Kshemaaya Sahamaanaaya Satyaya chaamritaayacha, Kartrai Parashavey chaiva Shuliney Divyachakshusey/
( The Sign of Safety; Equitable; the Final Truth; Imperishable; Karta or the Performer; Parashudhari or the Holder of Axe ready to destroy the Evil; Trishula dhaari; The Omnisient)
Somapayaajyapaayaiva Dhumapaayoshma –paayacha, Shuchaye paridhaanaaya Sadyojaataaya Mritavey/
(Supreme Pitara Swarupa ; The Great consumer of Ghee; Dhumapa or the Smoke Inhaler ready to absorb the sins of Devotees and Exhaler to bless them; Ushmapa or the Distinct Pitara Swarupa; Embodiment of Cleanliness / Bahyaantara Shuchi; Ornamened at the time of Tandava Dance; Sadyojaataaya or who presents himself in one Swarupa from Five separate Forms; Kaala Swarupa)
Pishitaashaaya Sharvaaya Meghaaya Vaidyutaayacha, Vyavritthaaya Varishthaaya Bharitaaya tharakshavey
(Eater of the bottom of fruits; Sarva Vishwa Rupa; The great benefactor like the clouds; lustrous like a lightning; He puts on the Tiger Skin or Elephant Skin to please his devotees; Varishtha or the most distinguished; Paripurna or Full of Mercy; of the Form of a Tiger)
Tripuraghnaaya Tirthaayaavakraaya Romashaaya cha, Tigmaayuryudhaaya Vyakhyaaya Susamudhhaya Pulastaey/
( The obliterator of Demon Tripurasura; Tirtha Swarupa; Straight forward; The possessor of long and thick curly hairs; He has sharp weapons; highly extolled; Epitome of Siddhas; of the Pulastya Rupa)
Rochamaanaaya Chandaaya Spheetaya Rishabhaayacha, Vratiney Ujjumaanaaya Shuchaye chodharva retasey/
(Granter of happiness;Chanda or very volatile; Ever Inflator; Rishabha or the Paramount; Vrata parayana; Always absorbed in works; Nirmala Chitta; Urdhwareta or Highly Celibate)
Asuraghnaaya Swaghnaaya Mrityughney Yajniyaayacha krushaanavey Prachetaaya Vahnaye nirmalaayacha/
(Demolisher of Demons; Swaaghna or the Provider of Security to his own trusted; Victorious over Mrityu/ Death; The benefactor to those who perform Yagnas; he could minimise materials into miniscule size; has extreme awareness of happenings around; Agni Swarupa; devoid of all impurities; )
Rakshoghnaaya Pashughnaayaavighnaaya Swasitaaya cha, Vibhraantaaya Mahaantaaya Atyantam durgamaayacha/
(Destroyer of Rakshasas and Beings; Devoid of obstacles; He takes deep breathing at the time of Tandava Dance; has no illusions; the Noblest; almost impossible to approach)
Krishnaya cha Jayantaaya Lokaanaameeswaraayacha, Anaashritaaya Vedhyaaya Samatvaadhi –shthaaya cha
(The ever joyful Form of Krishna; always victorious over his opponents; The Master of all the Lokas; fully independent; the High Target for devotees to aim at; and the Embodiment of Equity)
Hiranyabaahavey chaiva vyaptaaya cha Mahaayacha, Sukarminey Prasahyayacheshaanaaya Suchakshasey
(Possessive of gold-like shining hands; All-pervading; the Supreme; Oriented to the Best of Actions; Extremely Patient; The Greatest Administrator; has the most benevolent eyes and looks )
Kshipreshavey Sadashvaaya Shivaaya Mokshadaaya cha, Kapilaaya Pishingaaya Mahadevaaya Dhimatey
(Releaser of soaring and speedy arrows; of the Swarupa of the unique horses like Ucchhaaishva; Shiva the quintessence of auspiciousness; The awarder of Moksha; Of Kapila Varna or the colour of reddish brown; Pishinga or of the golden coloured physique; Maha Devaya or the Most Transcendent of Devas; Depository of Astuteness)
Mahakalpaaya Deeptaaya Roadanaaya Hasaayacha, Dhrudha dhanviney Kavachiney Rathiney cha Varuthiney/
(He who assumes Colossal Form at the time of Pralaya; the characterization of tremendous luminosity; He who formulates sobs and laughters to human beings; holds the strongest bow ever; sports the toughest body shield ever; enjoys the blissful ride in a unique Chariot ever; the Commander of Piscachas and Bhutas)
Bhrigunathaaya Shukraaya Gahvareshtha Vedhasey, Amoghaaya Prashaantaaya Sumedhhaya Vrishaaya cha/
( The Protector of Maharshi Bhrigu; Agniswarupa; He enjoys Gardens and Trees; Highly beneficient; Prashanta or Serene; Personification of Intellect; Dharma Swarup)
Namastestu Tubhyam Bhagavan Vishwaaya Kruttivaasasey, Pashuunaam Pataye tubhyam Bhutaanaam patayenamah/
(Bhagavan! My greetings to you, You are the Vishwa Rupa, Kritthivaasa / Wearer of Elephant Skin; Pashupati or the Swami of all the Beings in Srishti; Bhutapati or the Supreme Master of Bhuta-Pretas)
Pranavey Ruggyajussaamney Swahaaya cha Swadhaaya cha, Vashatkaara atmaney chaiva tubhyam Mantraatmaney Namah/
(Bhagavan is Pranava Swarupa; Vedatrayi-Ruk Yajur Sama Veda Swarupa; He is of the Form of Swaha-Swadha-Vashatkara; He is Mantra Swarupa)
Twashtey Dhaatrey thatha Karthrey Chakshuh Stortamayaya cha, Bhuta Bhavya Bhaveshaaya tubhyam Karmaatmaney Namah/
(Bhagavan is also Prajapati Twashta; Dhata or abides the whole Universe; Karta / Karma Nishtha; Karma Swarupa)
Vasavey chaiva Saadhyaaya Rudraaditya Suraayacha, Vishwaaya Maarutaayaiva tubhyam Devaatmaney Namah/
( Bhagavan! You are the Unique among the Eight Vasus; More than Koti Gana Devas; Rudra or Duhkha Vinaashaka; You are like Aditya or the Son of Devi Aditi; Vishwa Deva Swarupa; Maaruta or of the Vayu Swarupa; Mahadeva! You are the Atma Swarupa of all Devas)
Agnishoma vidhi jnaaya Pashu mantraoshadhaya cha, Swayambhuvey hyaajaayaiva Apurva Prathamaayacha/
(The discerner of Agniishoma Yagna Vidhi; the decider of Pashus / animals and Auoshadhis or material to be used in the Yagna; You are Swayambhu or Self-born; the Unborn and Birthless; Apurva Prathama or the Exclusive and Singular Foremost);
Prajaanaam Patayechaiva tubhyam Brahmaatmaney Namah
(You are the Supreme Master of the ‘Praja’or Jeevas / Beings and the Super Soul of the Universe, My Sincere salutations to You)
Atmeshaayaatma vashyaaya Sarveyshaatishayayacha, Sarva bhutaanga bhutaaya tubhyam Bhutaatmaney Namah/
(Bhagavan! You are the Paramatma or the Utmost Soul; The Grand Controller of Consciousness; The Finality of the Ishwaras; You are the Physique of all the Jeevas; Indeed You are the Inner Soul of all the Bhutas / Beings; My venerable obeisances to You!)
Nirgunaaya Gunajnaaya Vyakruta –ayaamrutaayacha, Nirupaakhyaaya mitraaya tubhyam Yogaatmaney namah/
(Far beyond the Trigunas viz. Satwa, Rajas and Tamasa; Yet, He is fully aware of the attributes of the Three Gunas; He has no Form; Yet, He is Amrita Swarupa; He is ‘Adrusya’/ Invisible; Mitra or Universal Friend / Well Wisher to one and all; Yogatma or Yoga Swarupa; my Greetings to You!)
Pridhivyai chantarikshaya Mahasey Tridivaayacha, Atmajnaaya Viseshaaya Tubhyam Lokaatmaney Namah/
(Bhagavan! You are the Master of Seven Lokas viz. Bhuloka, Antariksha loka, Maharloka, Tridivya /Swargaloka, Janaloka, Tapoloka and Satyaloka and thus the Lokaatma)
Avyaktaaya cha Mahatey Bhutaader- indriyayacha, Atmajnaaya viseshaaya tubhyam Sarvaatmaney namah/
(Bhagavan! You are an invisible entity; immensely adorable; The Prime Most Supreme Being; yet of Indriya Swarupa; The Basis of Atma Tatwa; the Most Exceptional; the ‘Antaraatma’or the Innermost Consciousness of every Being)
Nityaya chatmalingaaya Sukshmaayai –vetaraayacha, Shraddhaaya vibhaveychaiva tubhyam Mokshaatmaney namah/
(Bhagavan! You are ‘Sanatana’-the Timeless, whose origins are untraceable; the ‘Atmalinga’who is ‘Swayambhu’/ materialised on His own; Sukshma or smaller than atom; Mahaan among Mahaans or The Greatest among the Great; Shuddha Gyana Rupa; All- Permeating; and Mokshatma! My reverential prostrations to You!)
As Shiva disappeared after the Prayer of Shukracharya, he found Indra’s daughter Jayanti near him already in his service as approved by his mother and the Maharshi by his Divya Drishti (Celestial Vision) came to know of her antecedents and agreed that she could stay with him for ten years as his wife, partly due to his instant liking for her and mainly due to the spell of ‘Maya’ that surrounded him. He spent all the ten years with her in seclusion and in fulfillment of his marital bliss. Prompted by Indra, Guru Brihaspati assumed the form of Shukracharya and addressed the Danavas that he returned after his ‘Tapas’ to Mahadeva after obtaining the Mantra of Invincibility and Danavas were greatly delighted at the news that it would be their turn to claim Swarga soon. As he made Danavas mistake him to be Shukracharya, Deva Guru gradually changed the outlook of Danavas to perform meditation, Agni Karyas and the like and sought them to become less cruel and more timid. Meanwhile, Jayanti was able to secure all the Mantras including the most powerful Shiva Mantra, gave birth to Devayani and after the limited time of ten years left Shukracharya to Indra. Danava Guru returned to Danavas but since Brihaspati already confused Danavas including their King Prahlada, Shukracharya was not recognised while Brihaspati reiterated his claim that he was real Shukracharya and Brihaspati falsely claimed that he was the real Danava Guru! The real Shukracharya was non-plussed and since Danavas were foolish not to recognise him, gave a curse that Danavas would be defeated badly in their next battle with Devas. As his purpose was fully served, Brihaspati had the last laugh and revealed his real identity. The real Danava Guru told Prahlada that Danavas could win Swarga only at the time of Bali Chakravarti.

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