Matsya Avatara


18    Bhagavan Vishnu’s Incarnation as Lord Nrisimha
Daitya Hiranyakashipu was engaged in stiff ‘Tapasya’ with ‘Mouna Vrata’ (Silence), ‘Manah Samyama’ (Control of Mind), ‘Indriya Nigrah’ (Command of Physical Limbs), ‘Brahma charya’ (Celibacy) and ‘Niyama Palana’ (Administering of Regulations) for eleven thousand years in deep water and Lord Brahma arrived at last by his ‘Hamsa Vimana’ along with Twelve Adityas viz.Dhata, Mitra, Aryama, Shakra, Varuna, Amshuman, Bhaga, Vaivaswanta, Pusha, Savita, Tvashta and Vishnu; Eighteen Vasus Viz. Apa, Dhruva, Soma, Dhara, Anila, Anala, Pratyusha and Prabhasa; Forty Marud- ganas from seven categories viz. Avaha, Pravaha, Sambhava, Udvaha, Vivah, Parivaha, and Varvah of seven each; Ekadasha Rudras viz. Hara, Bahurupa, Tryambaka, Aparajita, Vrisha kapi, Shambhu, Kapardi, Raivata, Mriga Vyadha, Sarpa and Kapali, Devas, Saptrashis, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Yakshas etc. In the presence of all these Deities Brahma gave the boon of invincibility from Devatas, Asuras, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Nagas, Rakshasas, human being, piscachas, Rishi ganas with immunity from ‘Shaapaas’ or curses, Astras, Shastras, Mountains, Trees, neither dried material nor wet, neither during day nor night, from Planets, Grahas, Nakshatras, Ten Directions, Krodha, Kama, varuna, Indra, Yama, Kubera, and Kimpurashas.As Brahma granted the boon to the Daitya accordingly, there were protests from all the Celestal quarters but Brahma conveyed that he had to give away the boons, since in all fairness the Tapasya that was performed by the daitya was genuine and had to be according to the wishes of the Danava. It did not take much time that Hiranya Kashipu waited to dethrone Indra and Devas; controlled Lokapalas, Pancha bhutas, Navagrahas, Dikpalakaas, Adityas, Vasus, Marudganas, and Rudras; obtained Yagna bhagaas and changed the texts of Sacred Scriptures; forced human beings to worship him but not Srihari, humiliated and killed Vishnu Bhaktas as they did not fall in line and in short tampered Vedic Tradtions to his personal advantage. There was hue and cry and Devas who approached Bhagavan Vishnu who assured Devas that he would soon take an incarnation of a species which would defy the imagination of Hiranyakashipu while he took the boons from Brahma. Parama Bhakta of Narayana, Prahlada the son of Hiranyakashipu realised in his Celestial Vision that Lord Vishnu had arrived in an incarnation as Nrisimha (Half Man and Half Lion) and that it was becoming increasingly clear that the Incarnation would end up the King Hiranyakashipu and Daityas. The vision indicated further that in the Physique of the Man-Loin were images of all Devatas, Oceans, Rivers, Himalaya and other Mountains, Stars on the Sky, Adityas, Vasuganas, Kubera, Varuna, Yama, Indra, Marudganas, Gandharvas, Maharshis, Yakshas, Nagas, Piscachas, Rakshasas, Brahma and Shankara.
Even as Prahlada cautioned the Great King in a full House of top officials, the latter commanded the peculiar Man-Lion to be caught where ever it would be, the ‘beast’ as the King imagined stood then and there right before him; the stunned Danava King lost his senses for a while but quickly recovered his composure and materailised Astras, Kala Chakras, earth-shaking Brahmastras, hell-binding Danava Chakras, Vajraayudhaas, Trishulas, Kankaals, Musalas, Mohanas, Shoshans, Santaapanaas, Vilaapanaas, Vaayavyaas, Mathans, Kaapaals, Shaktis, Brahmashitaastraas, Somaastras, Kaalamudgaras, Gandharvaastras, Vayavyastras, Hayashirastras, Naagastras, Paishachastras and such ‘Maaranastras’against Nrisimha Swami who got more and irritated in devastating the ‘Astra-Shastras’ which were either smashed by his Vajra-like body or redirected them back to Hiranyakashipu which had to be defended or tore parts of his body in the process. Simultaneously, the hastily grouped warriors, Senapatis, Ministers and the armies of Hiranyakashipu attacked Nrisimha and the highly enraged Bhagavan went so angry that fire balls emerged out of his eyes and relentless roars shattered the distant regions.Even by the fire and sound thus released, the battalions of soldiers whose shapes and forms were nauseating and frightening with faces of donkeys and wild pigs got decimated in thousands. Hiranyakashipu kept on hurling Shakti-weapons which were instantly retaliated by the mere ‘Hunkaar’ of Bhagavan and as though he was tired of fighting further, he tossed the body of the demon up, sat on an elevated place, kept the body of the demon on his thighs and with his pointed finger nails tore apart his stomach and heart when blood surged out in spirals and the greatest menace in Trlokas breathed his last. As the son of Diti succumbed, the whole universe fell into a strange spell of silence mingled with feelings of deliverance and disbelief, even as Prithvi, Kaal, Chandrama, Akash, Grahaganas, Surya, the Ten Dishas, Oceans, Rivers, Mountains and the Forests suppressed their surging incredibility. Lords Brahma, Rudra and Mahendra led the chorus of spontaneous Eulogy of Nrisimha Deva by Devatas, Gandharvas, Apsaras and Maharshis as follows:

Param cha siddhim cha Paramcha Devam, Paramcha Mantram Paramam Havischah/ Paramcha Dharmam Paramcha Vishvam,Twaamaahuragryam Purusham Puraanam/ Param shareeram Paraamcha Brahma, Paramha Yogam Paramaamcha Vaaneem/ Param rahasyam Paramaam gatimcha,Twaamaahargryam Purusham Puraanam/ Yevam Parasyaapi Param Padam yat, Param parishyaapi Paramcha Devam/ Param parisyaapi param cha Bhutam, Twamaahuragryam Purusham Puraanam/ Param parasyaapi param rahasyam, Param parasyaapi Param mahatvam/ Param parasyaapi param Mahadyat, Twamaahuagryam Purusham Puraanam/
Param parasyaapi param nidhaanam, Param parasyaapi param pavitram/
Param parasyaapi param cha daantam, Twamaahuragryam Purusham Puranam/

(Devadi Deva! You are Brahma, Rudra and Mahendra; the Loka Karta, Samharta, Upasthitaana/ Creator, Destroyer and Preserver; You are imperishable, the Utmost Siddhi /accomplishment; Paratpara, Parama Deva, Parama Mantra, Parama Havi /Invocation to Agni by Ghee; Parama Dharma, Parama Vishwa, Adi Purusha; You are the Supreme Physique, Param Brahma, Parama Yoga, Parama Vaani , Parama Rahasya, Parama Gati / Direction and Target; and Purana Purusha / the Very First Being; indeed you are the Paratpara Pada /Supreme Step Forward, Paratpara Deva, Partpara Bhuta / Organism, Paratpara Mahatva, Sarva sreshtha / the noblest of all; the One beyond comprehension, the Highest Form of Sacredness and Spotlessness!).

As Brahma and Parameswara expressed the gratitude of Devas and in fact of the entire Universe, Bhagavan Nrisimha was extremely happy, Gandharvas sang tuneful songs in praise of the Lord, Maharshis recited Vedas and Shanti Mantras, Apsaras danced to their heart’s content and Devas sounded celestial drums and rained flowers from the skies. Bhagavan Vishnu then boarded Garuda Vahana and flew toward Kshira Sagara. Brahma and Indra asssured that the Avatar of Nrisimha Bhagavan would be worshipped for ever since Lord Vishnu would incarnate Himself; he assured that as and when Dharma was in jeopardy, he would reappear again and again in every ‘Yuga’.

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