Matsya Avatara


16    Tripurasuras harass Trilokas and Maha Deva destroys Tripuras
As the ever shrewdest and the nastiest Daitya called Maya commenced his brutal Tapasya, two more Danavas of equal disrepute and desperation viz. Vidyunmali and Taraka joined him and their extreme tenacity was such that they meditated in snow valleys during high winter nights, amid ‘Panchagnis’during blood blister summer days and during incessant and torrential rains standing under open skies. It looked that Earth trembled with the severity of their meditation and Brahma had to bestow the choice boons of indestructibility except by Parameswara that too by a single arrow-shot destroying their abodes together. The most noted top architect and builder that he was, Mayasura built ‘Tripuras’/ three Tower Castles-each of hundred yojanas- one of indestructible iron on Earth, another on the Sky made of shining silver and the third above the second one made of glittering gold, all encased in inner- castle structures of same size of circumference but each invisible from outside in all directions. Each of the Tripuras is equipped with ‘yantras’/ machines that could destroy hundreds in each shot, Chakras, Trishulas, Dhwajas on the high wall structures, and ‘Shikharas’ (minarets) recognisable through the mountain tops of Meru and Mandarachala.These ‘Puras’ were insurmountable, let alone destructible to Devas, Danavas and any other species, excepting Maha Deva! Daithyas had very contented lives inside the Tripuras. Devas and other Celestial Beings were thrown out of their abodes and all the luxuries and joys of Swarga were confiscated. In course of time, the inhabitants of Tripuras became intolerable, awfully sinful, corrupt, wicked and highly immoral.While Maya Daitya was kept busy in the deeds of beauty, living comfort and pressing into the services of Devas as their servants to cater to the happiness of the inhabitant Daityas, Vidyunmali was kept busy with matters of Internal Administration and Taraka was made commander in Chief. In course of time, there came inevitable internal dissensions, group politics, differences of living styles and class-distinctions, ‘Alakshmi’(poverty),‘Asuya’ (jealousy), Trishna (avarice), ‘Vibhuksha’ (hunger), Kali and Kalaha (quarrels) among the residents of the Tripuras.This situation of ‘Alakshmi’ led to ‘Atyaachaaras’ or transgressions on Devas, other Celestial Beings, Maharshis, the entire humanity and all other species of Lord’s creation. The canker spread across the ‘Tribhuvanas’and Devas sought refuge from Brahma who gave the boons to the three goons! Lord Brahma pacified the delegation of Devas and assured that the heinous and wildly vicious deeds of the Trio of Daityas reached a climax and that it was time to approach Parama Shiva who was the one and only Saviour that could destroy the abodes of the three Daityas in one go with one arrow, even if these residences were far apart from each other on Prithvi, Akaash and far beyond in the strong-hold Tripura fortresses! As Devas and Brahma reached Maha Deva, they visioned ‘Trishulapaani Shankar’ relaxing with Devi Parvati and Mahatma Nandi. They saw that ‘Bhuta bhavishya Swami’whose eyes were red like ‘Agni kundas’and physique was shimmering with thousand Suns with a pleasant countenance ornamented with a Bala Purna Chandra, even as Devas broke down into ecstacy and extolled him as follows:

Namo bhavaaya Shravaya Rudraaya Varadaayacha,
Pashuunaam Pataye Nityam ugra -ayacha Kapardiney/

(Our reverences to you the Creator and Preserver of Srishti; the Annihilator of the Universe; the life-line of all the Beings; the provider of welfare to ‘Pranis’; Ugra or the seniormost among the Ekadasha Rudras and ‘Jatajuta dhari’!)

Mahadevaya Bheemaaya Triyambakaya cha Shaantaye,
Ishaanaaya Bhayaghnaaya namaswandhaka ghatiney/

(The Supreme of Devas, the awesome, Trinetraya/ the Three Eyed Deity - the Junior most of Eleven Rudras; the Embodiment of Peace, The highest Administrator, the Destroyer of Terror and the Exterminator of Andhakaasura);

Neelagreevaya Bhimaya Vedhasey Vedhataastutey,
Kumara Shatru nighnaaya Kumaara janakaayacha

/(The blue-necked; the frightener, Brahma Swarupa, the Praised one by every body, the destroyer of the Enemies of Kartikeya, and the illustrious father of Kumara)

Vilohitaaya Dhumraaya Varaaya Krathanaaya cha,
Nityam neela shikhandaaya Shuliney Divyashaayiney/

(The Red and Ash-coloured, the Protector of the Universe, the Maker of Pralaya, the unique one with blue course-hair, the carrier of Trishula, the one immersed in Celestial Nidra)

Uragaaya Trinetraaya Hiranyavasu -retasey,
Achintyaambikaa Bhartrey Sarva devaastutaayacha/

(Sarvadhaari, the Three-Eyed Bhagavaan, the ultimate of gold and opulence, the inconceivable, the husband of Ambika, who is eulogized by all Devas)

Budhadhwajaaya Mundaaya Jatiney Brahma -chariney,
Tapyamaanaaya sasiley Brhahmanyaajitaayacha/

(The one with hoisted Bull-flag , Munda dhaari, Jataadhaari, Brahmachari, he who meditates inside water bodies, the devotee of Brahmanas, and the invincible);

Vishwatmaney Vishwasrujey Vishwama -avruttya tishthatey,
Namostu Divya rupaaya Prabhavey Divyashambhavey/

(The Supreme Soul of the Universe, the Super Creator, the All-Pervading Authority, the Highest Form of Sanctity, the Most Capable, and the Epitome of Auspiciousness)

Abhigamyaya Kaamyaaya Stutayaacharya Sarvadaa,
Bhakta -anukampiney Nityam dishatey yanmanogatam/

(Our salutations to the Ultimate Haven and Refuge, the Most Charming, the most extolled, the Unique source of Kindness and the bestower of desires).

Having pleased Parama Shiva thus, Devas explained the gravity and seriousness of the crisis created by the Tripura Daityas who not only unseated and tormented Devas and Celestial Entities but were also sending shock-waves all over the Universe, humiliating Sages, frightening women and children, making mass-scale carnage and blood bath of humanity and uprooting Dharma and age-old Values and Principles. Parameshwara infused confidence into the demoralised Devas and asked them to construct an exceptional chariot with unique specifications: Prithvi as the Ratha / Chariot, Meru and Mandara Mountains as axles, Surya and Chandra as Chakras made of gold and silver respectively, the Four Vedas of Ruk-Yajur-Sama and Atharva acted as the horses; Shukra, Brihaspati, Budha, Mangal, and Shanaischara seated on the Ratha ready to charge; the famous serpents viz. Takshaka, Karkotaka, Dhanajaya and Padmadwaya acted as the strings which were tied to the horses; most poisonous snakes like Surasa, Devashuni, Sarama, Kadru, Vinata, Shuchi, Trusha, and Bubhuksha were used as arrows; Mrutyu, Brahmahatya, Gohatya, Balahatya and Prajaabhaya were loaded on the Chariot so that they get activised as maces; Omkara and Vashatkara were the symbols on the Ratha; Sinivali, Kuhu, Raaka and Anumati - the ‘Adhishtana’/ in charge Deities of Chaturdashi, Amavasya, Suddha Purnima, Pratipadika Purnima respectively were used as auxiliary strings to the horses; the dhanush made of six ‘ritus’/ seasons which is safeguarded by Devi Ambika herself never to be broken; the specific arrow with which to kill the Tripurasura was strengthened by Vishnu, Soma and Agni and its head propelled by Agni and Chandra by its rear and Vishnu Maya smeared all over; and the extreme poison of Nagaraja Vasuki was loaded to ensure stability and speed of the arrow; Vayu was made in charge of the high velocity of the Chariot and finally Brahma was the Charioteer and Sesha Naag was made in charge of the personal security of Brahma as also of the Chariot. Yama Raja with his buffalo, Kubera on his serpent, Indra on Iravata, Ganeswara by his Mushika Vahana, Karikeya on his Peacock, Nandeshwara with his Shula running behind and sides of the Ratha were in full preparedness. Maharshis Bhrigu, Bharadwaja, Vasishtha, Goutama, Kratu, Pulastya, Pulaha, Marichi, Atri, Angira, Parashara, and Agastya were there too at the kick-start of the Battle to recite Veda Vachanas and Shiv Stutis. The Pramatha ganas were ready to charge as the army against the opponents- all swarmed around the Rath. Meanwhile, Sage Narada reached the Tripuras and tried his best to mend his ways, give back Indrapuri to Devas and avoid the worst ever battle in which the indestructible Tripuras would be destroyed along with the Three Demons as Maha Deva himself was approaching these Places with full preparation. Instead of talking peace, the Demons alerted their vast armies, and prepared for turning their defensive positions to that of an offence. On the instruction of Shankara Deva, Indra took his enormous army and attacked Tripura. As the Deva Sena made a highly offensive assault in full force, what with the revenge and frustration experienced by them for long as they were out of power as also owing to the excellent backing of Maheswara, they seized the best part of Tripuras. While quite a few Danavas sought to escape for their lives through the exit gates of Tripuras, Pramatha ganas calculated that the enemies would try to sneek out at those points and buchered thousands of Danavas.The remaining Danavas inside the Trinagaris were utterly confused by contradictoy shouts that Taraka died or Shiva was defeated. In that melee, a srong contingent of Danavas quickly regrouped their men and material to make offensive attacks under the leadership of Vidunmali and Maya. Ganeswara divided Tripuras in three regions as Nandeswara was attacking Vudyunmali, while he was in position against Maya. Meanwhile, Vidyunmali threw a ‘Parigha’ on Nandi who was hurt and the enraged three ‘Parshadaganas’ named Ghantaakarna, Shankukarna and Mahakaal retaliated; they assumed the Forms of Ganeswara and assailed Vidyunmali by making the roars of lions. Even while the Parswaganas were about to leap on Vidyunmali, the hurt Nandikeswara hurled a Rudra Shakti on the demon who fell down like a mountain. There was utter silence among Danavas who were stunned and retreated. But, the highly cunning and crafty Mayasura chased the Ganas of Ganeshwara to divert attention of his own men from the fallen Vidyunmali to the Ganesha ganas. Mayasura created rains of Agni, crocodiles, snakes, huge mountains, lions, tigers, trees, black deers, eight-legged ‘Sharabhas’/ a species of oversized deer, torrential rain and powerful sand storms. As Taraka came into the battle field, Devas too appeared in full force, including Yamaraja, Varuna, Bhaskara, Kartikeya heading a Deva Sena of a Crore, with Indra, Shanaishchara, Chandra, and Rudras. The ‘Maayavi’ Mayaasura created several Wells full of herbal juices for envigoration and Danavas were in high spirits as their body strength increased manifold. But Keshava took the form of ‘Vrishabha’and drank up the juice along with Devas and dried up the wells and Devas occupied the Tripuras finally. Mayasura and other Daityas were forced to hide in the Sea. That was the decisive moment when there was an all-out battle on the seashores. Shankara divided the ‘Tridevamaya’ arrow into three parts and released it when Tripuras were destroyed; Shiva felt sad however that one of his own dear devotees, Mayasura too was involved. Nandi went faster than the arrow and saved Maya, well before the Tripuras were destroyed. In the end Taraka and Vidyunmali were killed and Maya was condoned with the curse of Indra that all his constructions would be burnt off eventually and Mayasura continued to hide in the Seas.

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