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11    ‘Shiva Samkalpamastu’ : Maharshi Parashara’s Rudrarchana and glory to his Vamsha

Vasishtha Muni and his spouse Arundhati had a son named Shakti. As the Muni was engaged in a Yagna Kaarya by King Kalmashaapada, a Rakshasa named Rudhira killed and ate up Shakti and his brothers, apparently instigated by Vishwamitra Muni. At this heart-rending news,Vasihtha and Arundhati were so much grieved that they decided to jump down from a mountain top. Their daughter-in-law who was shattered too  begged of Vasishha and Arundhati  not to do so as she was in advanced stage of pregnancy and would be helpless. There was an ‘Akasha Vani’ saying that a Child of Vishnu’s Amsha would be born and the Muni and family should observe restraint; the Voice further stated that the new born would become an illustrious devotee of Rudra. Meanwhile,  the daughter-in-law requested the in-laws to take care of her body as very soon the child would be born; Arundhati took the daughter in law to their Ashram and a voice of a Hymn emerged from her stomach, while Vishnu from the sky confirmed to Vasishtha that indeed he would emerge then just as Aditi gave birth to Vishnu. In course of time, Shakti’s wife gave birth to Parashara the grandson of the happy coulple of Vasishtha. She the became ‘Adryushya Devi’ or Invisible woman. The new-born Parashara enquired his mother as to where was his father and brothers; she replied that a Rakshasa killed them. It was then Parashara resolved that since the entire Universe belonged to Rudra, he would like to make a firm resolve or Shiva Sankalpa that he would most certainly please Rudra and show his dead father and brothers. Immediately, Parashara materialised a Mrittka Linga and started worshipping the Shiva Linga by way of Shiva Sukta, and Traimbika Sukta; he recited  Shiva Sankalpa with unique sincerity:

Yenedam bhutam Bhuvanam Bhavishyat parigriheetamamrutena sarvam,

Yena Yajnastraayatey bSapra hotaanmanassiva Sanlalpamastu/

Yena karmaani pracharanti Dheeraa yato Vaachaa Manasaa chaaruyanti,

Yat sammitam Manassancharanti Praaninastanmey Manassiva sankalpamastu/-----

Paraatparatama Brahma tatparaat parato Harih,

Yaparaat parato dheesamtanmey Manassivasankalpamastu/

and so on.  Devi Parvati was so impressed that she prevailed on Shiva to grant a darshan as also his wish. As Bhavani, Maha Deva and Nandi gave their appearances, Parashara was in raptures with overjoyed tears trickling his cheeks and the vision of his dead father and brothers was glimpsed by Vasishtha, Arundhati, his mother and by himself; his father Shakti said that whatever ‘Shrutis’ were expected by a son to the parents and the total Vamsha was fulfilled even Parasara of Vishnu Amsha  was hardly born and hoped that his next generation too would bring long reputation as illustrious progeny. Having blessed Parashara, his father left for Pitruloka along with his elder brothers.

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