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9    Vaamana Deva’s incarnation and Bali Chakravarti’s extreme sacrifice

Prahlada’s son King Virochana who overpowered Devas and occupied Trilokas came into contact with Brahma Manasa Putra Sanat Kumara and was greatly impressed with his teachings of ‘Atma Jnaana’ or the Knowledge of the Supreme Soul. He abandoned Kingship and coronated Bali as the Emperor. Bali Chakravartii expanded his Empire further and Devas had futher difficulties as their miseries increased manifold as their hopes of recovering Swarga receded further since Bali Chakravarti’s administration was impeccable as per Scriptures: he was a Brahmana Bhakta, highly enlightened and progressive administrator and none could raise a finger against him or his virtues. But, the fact remained that Devas became nomads and completely lost their glory; the very many yagnas conducted by the Chakravarti under the direction of Daitya-Danava Guru Shukracharya were impeccable but the Yagna Phalas were purely for the advantage of Daityas but were denied to Devas. Deva Maata Aditi was highly disturbed as her own sons were roaming from pillar to post neither without a home nor with a power! The highly disillusioned mother then resorted to exreme Tapasya to Narayana seeking that vaasudeva should take to an Avatara to defeat Daitya-Danavas and restore Devas back to their original position of glory. In response to her Tapasya, Vaasudeva appeared in his full Form with Shankha-Chakra-Gadaa-Sharangas and an ever grateful Aditi prayed to him as follows:

Jayaasesha duhkhoghanaashaika heto Jayaananta mahaatmya yogaabhiyukta,

Jayaanaadi madhaanta vijnaana murtey Jayaasesha kalpaamalaananda rupa/

Namo Vishnavey Kaalarupaaya tubhyam Namo Naarasimhaaya seshaaya tubhyam,

Namah Kaala Rudraaya Samhaara Kartrey Namo Vaasudevaaya tubhyam namastey/

Namo Vishwamaayaa vidhaanaaya tubhyam Namo Yoga gamyaaya Satyaaya tubhyam,

Namo Dharma Vigjnaana nishthaaya tubhyam Namastey Varaahaaya bhuyo Namastey/

Namastey sahasraarka chandraabha murtey Namo Vedavigjnaana Dharmaabhi -gamya,

Namo Devadevadi Devaadideva Prabho Viswayonetha bhuyo Namastey/

Namah Shambhaveuy Satyaishthaaya tubhyam Namo hetavey Vishwarupaaya tubhyam,

Namo yoga peethaantarasthaaya tubhyam Shivaayaika rupaaya bhuyo namastey/

(Victory to you as you are the only destroyer of the root causes of difficulties and setbacks; You are constantly engaged in Yoga; the Vigjnaana Swarupa without a beginning, center and end; Victory to you the Asesha Kalpa without any rest or intermission of activities; the embodiment of spotlessness and bliss; Victory to you Kaala Rupa, Narasimha, Kaala Rudra, Vaasudeva, Mayaavidhaana or the Planner of Illusions; Satya Rupa who is comprehended  by Yoga; Jnaana nishtha; Dharma; Varaha Swarupa; Unique Symbol of Magnificence comparable to thousands of Suryas and Chandras; the unparalleled medium of Dharma and Jnaana as proposed and embedded in Vedas; Devadi Deva, Adi Deva, Satya Nishtha, Vishwa Rupa, Kaarana Rupa, Eka Rupa and Yoga peetha Madhya or as situated in the Center of Yoga; my sincere salutations to You!) In response to Aditi’s commendation as above, Narayana bestowed his boon to soon take the Incarnation as Vamana Murti.

             As this development took place, King Bali noticed fearful premonitions including earth quakes and heavy rains followed by lightnings and thunders, when Bali asked his grand father Prahlada about these untoward signs. Prahlada replied that his apprehension as visioned by him was that Vaasudeva had then entered Devi Aditi’s garbha to destroy the Daitya elements in the Universe as they tormented Devas and dislodged them from their rightful thrones and statuses. King Bali softened his stiff stand against Devas as Prahlada explained at length that Vaasudeva was of tamasika feature as Shankara, of Raajasika nature as Brahma and of Satvika nature as Vishnu and better that King Bali took refuge in Narayana. As time passed, Vishnu arrived in his new incarnation as Vaamana Deva: Chaturbhujam Vishaalaaksham Shrivatsaangitavakshasam, Nilamegha pratikaasham bhraajamaanam Shriyaa -vritam/ (Vishnu with his four hands, broad eyes, Shrivatsa Mani on his chest, with colour like blue clouds and extremely lustrous made his appearance) as Vaamana Avatara in the Brahmana clan. Then Devatas, Siddha ganaas, Sadhyas, Charanaas, besides Indra and Brahma gathered around and performed Jaata Karmas, and subsequently Upanayana followed by Vedaadhyayana under the tutorship of Bharadwaja Maharshi. As King Bali performed a Maha Yagna, Vaamana Deva accompanied Guru Bharadwaja attended the function with Krishna Mriga Charma or deer skin and Yagnopaveeta or the Sacred Thread, Palaasa danda, jataa, bhasma etc.that were typical of a Brahmachaari while reciting Vedaas. The Bhikshu then asked charity of a mere three feet of land and in agreement of the ‘daanaa’, King Bali performed ‘Sankalpa’ or Vedic  Approval and as a formality offered water in the Bhikshu’s hands. Then the measurement of three feet commenced formally; King Bali washed Vishnu’s feet and declared that he was giving away in charity the three feet of land and symbolically left water on land:

Vichakramey Prithivimesha Aitaamataantariksham Divamaadi devah,

Vyapetaraagam Ditigneshwaram tam Prakartukaamah sharanam prapannam/

Aakramya Lokatraya meesha paadah Praajaapadyaad Brahmalokam jagaama,

Praneymuraaditya sahasrakalpam ye tatra Lokey Nivasantin Siddhhaah/

(Vishnu then sought to measure the three feet by occupying the Earth, Antariksha or the  Sky and the Dyuloka; as he occupied the trilokas, the Lord’s feet touched the Prajapati loka and the the Brahma loka where the Siddha ganaas and others had the chance of touching the foot of Vishnu Deva; as the Sacred feet pierced through the Kapaala of Brahmanada, Sacred waters of Ganga  flowed down on to Akaasha.


Gatwaa Mahaantam Prakritim Pradhaanam Brahkaanamekam Purusham Swabeejam/

Atisdhthadeeshasya padam tadavyayam drushtwaa Devaastatrta tatra stutivanti/

Aalokya tam Purusham Vishwakaayam Mahaan Balirbhaktiyogena Vishnum,

Nanaama Naaraayanamekamavyayam swachetasaa yam Pranamanti Devaah/

Twamabrameed Bhagavaanaadikartaa bhutwaa punar Vaamano Vaasudevh/

Mamaiva Daityadhipateyrdhunedam Lokatrayam Bhavataa Bhaavadattam/  

             (Vishnu’s feet reached upto Maha-Pradhana-Prakriti-Swabeeja Swarupa-Purusha-Brahma and got settled  there; Devas prayed to that Avyaya at different positions with great devotion and so did the King when Vaamana Deva declared that the Tri Lokas were indeed under his possession).

             As Bali extolled Vaamana Deva, the latter instructed the King to enter Pataala Lokas and enjoy life till the end of the Kalpa and finally enter Vishnu Himself. Janardana then restored Swarga back to Indra and Devas as Siddhas, Devatas, Rishis, Kinnara, Brahma, Indra, Rudra, Adityas and Marudganas prayed to Vishnu out of gratitude.

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