Essence Of Skanda Purana


Narada sets up the Idols of Vasudeva and Bhattaditya (Surya Deva)

Lord Brahma convened a Conference of various Tirthas which were well known by Devotees from all over Bharat. Skanda Deva was also present and so did Dharma Deva. Brahma said that it might not be fair for Him to unilaterally decide on the Supremacy of a particular Tirtha and hence the invitees could air their special features considering the Sacredness, Boons secured by the Devotees from the respective Gods, and the general popularity and the turnover of the devotees at their respective Tirthas.

The Mahi Sagara Tirtha Representative said that his Tirtha was unparalelled; in the past King Indradyumna did such Tapasya that Prithvi who was the ‘Sarva Tirthamayi’ (the bearer of all the Tirthas) herself acknowledged the Supremacy of Mahi Sagara and none else could make a claim over the Maha Tirtha! Dharma Deva, the elder son of Brahma Deva reacted sharply against what Mahi Sagara said and condemned the highly self-opinionated views; he said that virtuous persons never made statements like that since that tantamounted to boasting, ego and a blatant display of ‘Ahamkar’which was against the established norms of morality, especially referring to the merits of others. So saying, Dharma Deva gave a curse that the Tirtha be destroyed! On witnessing the proceedings at the Conference, there were ‘Hahakars’ or Great Commotions. Skanda Deva objected to Dharma’s ‘Shaapa’ (Curse) and defended the fact that there was indeed no other Tirtha in the Universe that was comparable to Mahi Sagara. In turn, Dharma Deva became ready to resign, which meant that the entire World would become irreligous, full of Adharma and lawless! Narad intervened at this juncture that on the one hand, Dharma Deva’s role was oustanding in upholding virtues while Skanda Deva was actually the Son of Bhagavan Ishvar and the Commander-in- Chief of Deva Sena. Any friction between these two illustrious personsalities might jeopardise Universal balance and as such the compromise formula suggested was that Mahi Sagara Tirtha be declared as a Gupta (Secret) Kshetra and as an Unknown Destination; but any devotee observing fast and worship on Amavasya falling on Saturdays in the name of the Mahi Tirtha would be reaping worth ten times more of Prabhasa Tirtha, Seven times of Pushkar Tirtha Yatras, and eight times of Prayag. This was also acceptable to Brahma, Dharma and Skanda and all the Sacred Deities represented at Mahi Sagara including Paramatma Vishnu, Maha Deva and Maha Devis.

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