Essence Of Skanda Purana


Skandas Vijaya Sthambh (Tower of Victory) and Siddha Saptaka

Since Kumareswar Complex was set up already, Skanda Deva agreed to the request of Devas to put up a Victory Tower named ‘Viswanandak’ and before it a Siva Linga. Skanda put in His ‘Shakti’ and created ‘Patala Ganga’ in a Well atop the Victory Tower, where on Magha Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi, human beings would take bath in that Well, offer ‘Pitru Tarpans’ and worship to Vijaya Sthambheswar with Flowers and Sandal Paste; these acts would be as significant as Gaya Shraddh and Vajapeya Yagna Phal respectively.

In fact, the Tarpan and Worship could as well be repeated every Pournima and Amavasya in the Mahi Sagar Sangam for similar results. When this Victory Tower and Procedure were announced, Indra, Brahma and Vishnu were highly enthusiastic and appreciative. Meanwhile, a Demon named Pralambasura, who ran away from the army of Tarakasura, hid himself in Patalaloka and tormented the Devotees of the Siva Lingas set up by Skanda as a Prayaschittha of Brahmahathya Sin; this information was given by Kumud, the son of Sesha Nag, the Deva Serpent to Skanda who utilised the Shakti named arrow, tore apart a line through Prithvi and smashed the Demon Pralamba and his associates.  As a follow up, Brahma and others set up a ‘Siddheswar Linga’and Devatas themselves dug up a Sarovar and Skanda named it as ‘Siddha Kupa’( which incidentally was the route through which Pralamba and company were killed in Patalaloka); they all prayed to Shakti Siddhamba to be present and bless devotees, especially on Ashtamis and Chaturdasis. Again, in the Siddheswara Tirtha, Devas requested Lord Ganesh too to stay at the Siddha Kshetra in the form of Sidhha Vinayaka. In fact, Devas and Brahma set up Seven Siddha Entities viz. Siddheswar, Siddh Vat (Vriksha), Siddhambika, Siddhi Vinayak, Siddha Kshetraadhipathi, Siddheswar Tirtha and Siddha Kupa.

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