Highlights of Surya Vamsha and Chandra Vamsha

Sage Kashyap and Devi Aditi gave birth to Vaivaswan and the latter had three wives viz. Sanjna, Raajni and Prabha. Raajni was blessed with Raivat and Prabha with Prabhat. Sanjna the daughter of Vishwakarma begot Vaivaswat Manu as also Yama and Yamuna. Since Sanjna could not bear the heat and illumination of Surya deva (Vaivaswan), she created from her body another woman exactly like her named Devi Chhaya and demanded her to serve her husband and also bring up her children as her own.

Chhaya gave birth to Saavarna Manu and in course of time to Shaneswara, besides two daughters Tapati and Vishti. The famed Yama went on tapasya on the banks of the holy Pushkarini and being pleased with the devotion, Lord Brahma conferred the status of Lokapalaka as also the boons of becoming the Ruler of Pitruloka and the Authority of Deciding Dharma and Adharma in the World. Chhaya Putra Shaneswara also performed Tapasya and got the boon of becoming a Planet. Yamuna and Tapati were converted as Holy Rivers. Vishti had a frightening Form and was in the position of Kala Swarupa. Vaiwasvata Manu had ten sons, viz. Ila, Ikshvaaku, Kushanaabha, Arishta, Dhrushta, Narishyant, Karusha, Mahabali Sharyati, Prushaghna and Naabhaga. By dint of relentless Tapasya, Vaivaswata secured the boon from Brahma of becoming the Supreme Administrator of Prithvi of high virtue and Fortune and thus he became the First Manu Ever! Ila also became ambitious and wandered several places and by mistake entered the ‘Sharavana’ Garden, little knowing that who ever entered the Sharavana would instantly turn into a woman as per the instructions of Parameswara where Shiva Deva was alone with Devi Parvati. Even outside the Sharavana, Ila as a woman was attracted to Budha, the son of Chandra (Moon). Ila’s brother Ikshvaku was worried about the disappearance of Ila and having realised the fact that any male entering the Sharavana would be converted as a female and that Ila also would have been converted like wise. Ihshvaku prayed to Shiva and as directed Ihshvaku announced Ashvamedha Yagna so that Ila as a female could be identified since the brave Ila would be definitely attracted to the Ashvamedha Yagna and the challenge of holding the horse.  Indeed the Plan of Ikshvaku worked well and Ila was identified as the ‘wife’ of Budha, the son of Chandra. The female Ila became a Kimpurush for six months and as a woman for six months as per the boon of Shiva. As a Kimpurush, Ila also known as Sudyumna gave birth to three sons Utkal, Gaya and Haritashwa and they became the Kings of Utkal (Orissa), Gaya, and Haritashwa or Kuru.

Ikshvaku became the King of Madhyadesha who begot hundred sons half of whom ruled the northern side of Meru and the others the Southern side. Kakustha was the eldest son of Ikshvaku and in that lineage was born Yuvanashwa and his great grandson was the famed Kuvalashva who killed the notorious demon Dundhumara. It was in this lineage that the illustrious Mandhata who was the Chakravarti of the Universe.In his lineage were the famous Purukutsa, Muchukunda, Harischandra, Dilip, Bhagiratha who brought the Sacred Ganga to Earth, Nabhaga, Ambarisha, Raghu, Dasaratha and the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Epic Hero Shri Rama who killed Ravanasura and his able brothers Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna; the Surya Vamsha of the clan of Ikshvaku was further extended by Kusha and Lava. 

Once Brahma instructed Maharshi Atri to contribute in the task of Creation; to invoke extraordinary Shakti for the purpose of Creation, Atri performed ‘Anutar’Tapasya which would have been performed by anyone in the past. From the Maharshi’s eyes trickled drops of tears that illuminated the whole World. Those tears got collected in his stomach and were materialised in his Garbha; the Maharshi discarded the Garbha and Brahma gave a unique form of a Youthful Male; He named the Youth as Chandra Deva. Rishis, Devatas, Gandharvas and Apsaras eulogised Chandra as Brahma declared him as the Master of Aoushadhis (Medicines) and the Leader of Brahmanas. In course of time, Daksha Prajapati dedicated twenty seven daughters of his as Chandra’s wives.Chandra worshipped for long in favour of Shri Narayana and requested him to enable to perform Rajasuya Yagna in Indraloka, that all the Deities should appear in person and accept the ‘Yagnabhagas’ and that  Maha Shiva should please ensure the success of the Function. Shri Narayana accepted the proposal and attended it in person. Bhagavan Srihari himself became the Brayhma of the Yagna, Atri attended as the ‘Hota’, Sage Bhrigu was the ‘Adhvaryu’ and Brahma the ‘Udgaata’. The Yagna was memorably successful and Chandra turned out to be very prosperous and the Chief of Sapta Lokas.Chandra gave birth to Budha and Brahma bestowed a planetary position among the Nava Grahas like Chandra himself. Budha and Ila produced Dharmatma Pururava who performed over hundred Ashwamedha Yagnas and was blessed as Lokeswara and the Conqueror of Sapta Dwipas; he defeated several demons like Keshi and became the Emperor of the Universe. Apsara Urvashi got attracted to him and begot eight sons, viz. Ayu, Dhrudhayu, Vashyayu, Vritthimaan, Vasu, Divijat and Subahu. Ayu’s sons were Nahush, Vriddha Sharma, Raji, Dambha and Vipaapma.Nahush had seven sons viz. Yayi, Yayati, Samyati, Udbhava, Para, Viyati and Vidyasaati.Yati took to vanaprastha even early in life. Yayati had two wives viz. Sharmishtha the daughter of Danavaraj Vrishaparva and Devayani the daughter of Shukracharya. Devayani begot Yadu and Turvasu, while Sharmishtha had Druyhu, Anu and Puru. The bright stars of Yadu Vamsa were Bhagavan Shri Krishna and Balaram who had considerably reduced the heavy weights of evil on Earth and assisted by Pandavas destroyed Kaurava Vamsa whose misfortunes were tied up the the Four Villians of Maha Bharata viz. the notorius Duryodhana, Dussashana, Karna and Shakuni. It was among the descendants of Yayati that the famed Kaartaveeryarjuna the thousand handed, noble and valiant Chakravarti who ruled Sapta Dwipas for eighty five thousand years; the great desciple of Mahatma Dattatreya and an epitome of Dharma; the memorable figure who humbled the Epic Villian Ravanasura, but finally destroyed by the Vishnu Avatar Parasurama.

In their previous births, Devaki and Vasudeva did relentless Tapasya to beget Lord Vishnu; Devaki was Aditi and Vasudeva was Sage Kashyap. Similarly, Nandagopal was Vasu Drona and Yashoda was Dhara and their Tapasya too bore fruit as they were eye witnesses of Kishana’s childhood escapades. Of the sixteen thousand and eight wives of Krishna, the foremost Rukmini gave birth to Pradyumna, Charudeshna, Sucharu, Charubhadra, Charuka and Charuhasa. Satyabhama’s sons were Bhanu, Bheemaratha, Kshana, Rohita etc. Jambavati putra was Samba; Mitravandi had three sons; likewise Krishna had thousands of sons! Whoever reads or hears the Legend of Krishna Deva, especially his birth, Leelas and Promotion of Dharma would certainly get rid of sins of the present and the past.

Krishnasya Janmaabhyudayam yah keertiyati nityashaha,
Krishnotiva naro nithyam Sarva paapaaih pramuchyatey/

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