Bhagwan Shiv

Airshtas (premonitions) of death

Those persons who cannot identify Stars on the Sky of Dhruva, Shukra, Soma and Arundhati may face death within a year; who find Sun dim within eleven months; who find in their dreams the images of body rejects mixed with gold/silver would die within ten months; who witness Piscachas, Pretas, and Golden Trees would die within nine months; persons who are fat but become thin, and again fat, would die within eight months; those who witness a scene of getting their feet stuck in mud and after coming out of the slush with impressions of not being able to notice the above portion of the feet  would die within seven months;

a dream showing a picture of a Kite, dove, owl or a crow- all with blue colour- sitting on one’s head would die within six months; those who see a row of crows and witness one’s own body full of dirt due to the flight of the crows would die within four months; if a person witnesses a rainbow and lightning on  the southern Sky in a cloudless night would die within a couple of months; a person whose body experiences the bad odours of a dead body or who cannot see his own reflection in ghee, oil, mirror and water would be dead within a month; if a person dreams that he has no head would die within a fortnight;those whose body and heart dry up soon after taking bath or feel thirsty immediately after taking large quantity of water would not last for more than ten days; if a person’s breathing is uneven or he dreams that he is travelling in a boat full of monkeys and is singing or when a powerful monk is passing while laughing loud, then death is round the corner.  Dreams of hair, fire, ash, serpents or dried up river; crooked nose, long ears, weeping left eye, a metallic face, black tongue, riding camels and donkeys bound to Southern direction, blinded eyes and deaf ears, upward eyesight,etc. are portends of early death.

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