Essence Of Devi Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

King Janamejaya perfoms Devi Yagna

From the state of intense mental agitation arising out of his father’s untimely death and strong resolve to perform ‘Sarpa Yajna’ to release Parikshit’s soul to the narration of Devi Maha Bhagavatha by Veda Vyasa and the channelisation of his thinking process, King Janamejaya prostrated before the Illustrious Vyasa with enormous gratitude and relieved mind with the determination to perform Devi Bhagavati’s Yajna. Veda Vyasa himself initiated the Devi Mantra to the King and conducted the ensuing ‘Navaratras’ with dedication.

Devarshi Narada who came to the King on the completion of the Maha Yagna, informed that during his visit to Devaloka the soul of Parikshith which had hitherto been tormented had not only been freed but was on way to Mani Dvipa and that King Janamejaya had carved a name for himself too in the Devalokas!

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