Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Vedas Sourcing Material par Excellence of Supreme Energy

While the narration of Lord Krishna’s spititual pastimes was in full swing, King Parikshith raised a genuine query to Suta Muni viz. while Holy Scriptures like Vedas which might well describe the features of material desires and the means of conquering them, could Vedas describe the features and actions of the Unknown Primeval Force which was firmly declared as indescribable! The cause and effect inter-play of material manifestations of Super  Force might thus be limited to that extent only  but the Unknown by Itself might continue to be elusive and mysterious.

Indeed the doubt was genuine and required attention. This philosophical exercise was cogitated and meditated upon by Ancient Sages for times immemorial. In this context, Narada approached Narayana Rishi who in turn got an explanation from the Kumara Brothers- Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanath. During the interregnum of the chain of destruction and creation of the Universe, Supreme Energy which was latent got revived ‘suo motto’ and was prompted by Vedas to reactivate the Creation of moving and non moving subordinate energies and also spread out the net of illusion (Maya) to combat the material energies! Vedas described the act of Creation by Supreme Energy as a sport between the material and spiritual potencies. The ancient Sages and Seekers conceived Super Energy as the clay with which the Universe was made of as multi faceted manifestation of the living entities.It was at the mercy of that Super Brahman, the unparrelled Source of Awareness, that the interaction of material and spiritual resources-  Maya versus  Maha Tatva-would be shaped. Those Seekers with lesser vision might worship the Supreme as present in the region of abdomen through the route of conquering material desires, while ‘Aranis’ or self starters percieve the Supreme at the region of heart upwards to head from where there would not be possibility of slippge to the level of falsity or Maya (Illusion). Thus gradual alignment of the self with Supreme Self would be the reply instead of allowing slippages to occur. Thus Narada was illuminated by Narayana Rishi about the Significance of Vedas as extensions of Supreme Energy as also the Sourcing Material for providing Spiritual Guidance to Universe.

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