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Bhagvat Purana

Details of Chandra Vamsa the Dynasty of Moon

 Maha Muni Suka described the long lineage of Sri Rama, especially of Maharaja Kusa and his descendants and the Dynasty of Ikshvaku ended with the last King Sumitra, thus terminating the legendary ‘SuryaVamsa’of Sun-God. The ‘Chandra Vamsa’ originated from Soma the Moon God. He  was in charge of Brahmanas, drugs and illumination. Soma performed Rajasuya Yagna-the Sacrifice signifying his prominence and was proud.

He desired Tara, the wife of Brihaspati, the Spirutual Teacher of Devatas and forcibly kidnapped her. Tara too liked Soma.While Sukracharya took the side of Soma, Indra and other Demi-Gods as also Lord Siva sided Brihaspati. Lord Brahma chided Soma, but already, Tara became pregnant. Brihaspati was indeed  upset with the unchaste Tara and instead of cursing her, he said that after her death, he would not touch her ashes.Meanwhile an atrractive boy was born to Tara, named Buddha and the latter begot the famed Pururava. As Pururava was grown up, he fell in love with the Celestial dansuese Urvasi and Sun and Varuna cursed her to turn human. Urvasi came down to Earth and decided to stay with him, provided he took care of two lambs which also fell along with her from heaven. Gandharvas hid the lambs and Urvasi left Pururava in anger.He desired to perform Sacrifices to reach out Gandharva Loka as he was infatuated with Urvasi, but there was no concept of Karma Kanda for this purpose of a human to reach Gandharva Loka to fulfil his desire. As such, he introduced the new practice, reached Gandharva Loka and had six sons.

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