Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Bhagiradha a model of perseverance

 If  Harishandra gave an eternal memory in truthfulness and integrity, a person of the same dynasity proved as a role model in tenacity. His life’s mission was to bring Ganges down to Earth from Heavens. Bhagiradha’s  prayers were indeed granted by Mother Ganges to the devotee but warned him that the force of the flow from the Heavens to Earth could be withstood by no less than Lord Siva Himself! Bhagiradha never stopped his grand endeavour and  worshipped Lord Siva with ausretity and purity who agreed, not only because of the sincerity with which the devotee desired to fulfill the long-standing family wish but also owing to the reason of Universal advantage.

The Lord assumed a massive body and controlled the force of the River flowing from Lord Vishnu’s feet and bore the brunt of the impact on His head in His ‘Jatajut’or twisted hairs and released but a portion of the Holy River. Bhagiradha directed the fiery flow by riding a fast Chariot and brought it to the place where the ashes of his forefathers were purified and their souls liberated to Heavens. Till date, humanity continues to be grateful to him for the ever lasting memory of his gigantic efforts in our reaping the fruits of his labour in the huge land-mass covering entire ‘Aryavarta’ ( Northern India)!.

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