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Bhagvat Purana

Role of Satyavrata in Matsya Avatara

Unfolding the Story of King Satyavrata and his role in the context of  Lord’s Incarnation as a Giant Fish, Suka Maha Muni informed King Parikshith that the former King would become the Seventh Manu as Sraddhadeva. The incident of the Incarnation of the Lord as Fish was recalled in this context since King Satyavrata was once paying offerings of water in River Kirtimala, a small fish appeared on his palms and requested him not to throw it back in the River as big fishes might swallow it and as such keep it safe in a pot.

As the fish was preserved in a pot, it became too big for the successive  containers and finally grew into a huge fish which filled in an entire Ocean. The giant fish being the Super Energy Narayana Himself asked the King to await a Mammoth Ship and that meanwhile he should collect samples of good human beings, flora and fauna to be loaded along with himself aboard while the Sapta Rishis ( Seven Sages) would be already on it. The Giant Boat would be hooked on to the horns of the Fish Incarnation of the Lord and be propelled by Vasuki the collosal Serpent when the totality of the Universe would be submerged with water. Lord Brahma would have been awaken from his slumber by then since the Demon Hayagriva who stole Vedas and other Scriptures would be destroyed and gradually the Universe would be revived from the  fury of water and Lord Brahma would resume the task of Creation afresh.

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