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Bhagvat Purana

Was Vishnu partial to daityas?

In this context, King Parikshith enquired of Suka Maha Muni as to why Diti-or for that matter anybody-might have a doubt that Lord Vishnu had always appeared to have been partial in His treatment in favour of Indra and Demi-Gods vis-à-vis Demons, even when many of   Demons   worshipped the Super Energy; for instance, Vritrasura or Ravana or Hiranyaksha or Hiranya Kasipu and so on. What was more, when these very demon personalities were killed, they were blessed with salvation after death! Suka Maha Muni replied that Lord Vishnu is neither partial nor impartial, but just and kind always.

He has no characteristics and is a ‘nirguna’ (devoid of materialistic qualities). On the other hand, all other beings are governed by the three major ‘Gunas’,viz. Satvika ( Creative), Rajas (Upholding) and Tamas ( Destroying). Actions of the living beings are controlled by these ‘Gunas’. When the Boy- Sages-Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara-desired to enter Lord Vishnu’s Abode-Vaikuntha-the two Gate Keepers Jaya and Vijaya refused entry as the unclad boys looked undeserving of an entry to the hallowed Place, as the latter were governed by the ‘Tamo-Guna’. The Boy-Sages cursed the Gate Keepers to become Demons for three consecutive births and what was worse to become the enemies of that  very Lord Vishnu, whom they worshipped intensely; they felt that as the Gate-keepers of the Place they suffered from excessive ‘Tamo Guna’ and had thus be punished. Hence they were born as Demons in the three successive births as Hiranyakasipu and Hirayaksha, Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Sisupala and Dandavakra. Maha Muni gave the illustration of King Parikshith’s recent example of his Grand Uncle Dharmaraja performing ‘Rajasusya Yagna’( Sacrifice of Horse) at the end of which Lord Krishna was named as the Chief Guest and Sisupala brothers vehemently protested the honour to be bestowed on Krishna. Sisupala called Lord Krishna a fake and a cheat, who killed Kings like Kamsa and so on and was a timid person to have disappeared some eighteen times when he was challenged to fight.( The fact was that Krishna gave a promise to Sisupala’s mother that He would tolerate one hundred mistakes against Himself and there after would kill Sisupala brothers.) As the hundredth blunder was committed at the Rajasuya congregation, Sisupala brothers were destroyed by the Lord Krishna’s ‘Sudarsana Chakra’(Discus).They attained ‘Sayudja Mukthi’, as originally, the Evil Persons were ‘Vishnu Bhaktas’, but due to the temporary aberration and the play of Tamo-Guna, they were cursed and punished but finally reached their original position.

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