Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Narada teaches Narada Pancharatra to Chandraketu

But King Parikshith raised a pertinent question as to how a demon like Vritrasura was considered a great devotee of Lord Narayana, despite the fact he created havoc in the Universe and tormented Indra and Demi-Gods, even being a Brahmana? To this Maha Muni Suta narrated a story given by Narada as given by Sage Vadavyasa. There was a King named Chitraketu who was very benevolent and all his subjects were contented. He had a millon wives-all attractive but barren and could not bear a child. Once Sage Angira happened to visit the King who received him with considerable attention and veneration. As the Sage sat on the ground instead of  the King’s own throne, the King too sat on the ground and the Sage was pleased by the King’s humility. The Sage performed a Sweet Rice Homam to bless the eldest wife of Chitraketu, Kritadyuti.

In course of time they were blessed with a son. The King had endless joy and so did the entire Kingdom. But the other wives became too jealous and poisoned the child even when he did not grow many years. The King and Queen were overwhelmed with sorrow and became uncontrollable. Both Angira and Narada helped to console them. In fact, Narada by his mystic yoga power revived the child for a while who refused to recognise the Royal Couple as his parents. Narada thus exhorted the couple to get rid of the illusion of the child and the parents, and it was thus evident that once death takes place, the so-called sense of attachment ceases as well. Each species of the Lord’s creation loses its identity and as per one’s own till the actions of the destiny of an ensuing life begins either as a plant, a bird, an animal or a human being! Narada then blessed King Chitraketu with spiritual knowledge and taught the King about  Brahma Samhita and Narada Pancharatra. Chitraketu performed most intense and intimate prayers to Lord Anantadeva for long and finally, the Lord was kind to have provided glimpses of Himself and the King attained fulfillment.Therafter Chitraketu became the Head of Vidyadharas  and began travelling in outer space.During his travels he had the chance of viewing Lord Siva and Mata Parvati in a congregation of Siddhas and holy Sages, when they were in an embrace as they are ‘Ardha-Nareeswaras’. Chitraketu did a foolish giggle to view the scene,even as Parvati was noticing it.She was clearly offended and instantly gave a curse that Chitraketu would be a demon. But, Lord Siva explained that Chitraketu was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and a sincere Vishnavite having absorbed the essence of Truth and Falsity and the concept of the Self and God, a rudiment of Dvaitha or Dualism, ie of a human and God. Basically God is one but the fine distinction made out is of a ‘Bhakta’( Devotee) and Paramatma, instead of Advaitha stating ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ or ‘I am God’. The paths to Super Soul are equally proven, while interpretations might vary’.

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