Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Devotion and Realisation of Dhruva

Dhruva, the son of Suniti, also tried to sit over his father’s lap but Surichi pulled him down and admonished him severely. The father had implicitly supported Uttama. Surichi’s reprimand was rather severe as she said that Dhruva had no business to compete with Uttama as the latter was the heir-apparent, even if Dhruva were the elder son, he was disqualified to be the would -be- King. She taunted Dhruva that Suniti’s son could never be the next King, since Dhruva was not Surichi’s son and if Dhruva were ever to dream then he had to better please Lord Narayana and perform severe penance to become Suirich’s son in Dhruva’s next birth! These words of Surichi and the unkind way of her vitriolic utterance had sharply wounded the young heart and mind of Dhruva.

He left the Palace crying away hopelessly and met his mother Suniti. The latter consoled Dhruva and said that his father too treated her as a nobody and as such there was perhaps no other alternative for him to meditate Lord Narayana and please Him to reverse the situation. As the boy’s self-pride was shattered and his stepmother’s insinuating words were ringing in his ears, he had determined to take the plunge and really identified himself in the devotion of the Greatest and the Best. At this juncture, Narada appeared and tried to discourage Dhruva saying that even  Illustrious Sages had failed in their pursuit to seek Almighty over their several lives and after all a boy like him would be only wasting his valuable life and regret eventually. But Dhruva did not relent, come what might. Narada was indeed impressed and provided guidance as to how the boy should take initial steps to assume the procedure. He asked Dhruva to purify himself with the water of River Yamuna, enter Madhubana on the banks and perform breathing excercises, gradually follow the ‘Ashtanga’Yoga and develop high concentration on each of the Body Parts of Virat Swarupa, and lift up his inner energies in full alignment with the Supreme Energy.

Narada had subsequently taught Dhruva the process of conquering his hunger and thirst, anger and envy, avarice and desire, and gradual control of all material senses. He taught Dhruva the Parama Mantra, viz, Namo Narayanaya Namaha. In course of the intense concentration and alignment with ‘Paramatma’, Dhruva had discovered a ‘Radiant Vision’ and felt disturbed, and when his eyes were opened, there the ‘Sakshatkar’ or Actual Appearance of the Supreme Being was tangible. The Voice said that after the demise of his father, Dhruva would be the King, his cousin brother would be killed on a hunting exercise in a forest and his step mother would be deranged; Dhruva would rule for thirty six thousands of years as a just and noble King and finally reached the Sky as a pole star for ever, even above the Stars of Sapta Rishis! In his heart of hearts, Dhruva still got perturbed by the harsh words of Surichi which haunted his memory. He also had the feeling that whatever he was able to achieve in six months even Maharishis were perhaps not able to. But in courseof time he realised that it was foolish on his part on account of both the counts, since it was the Supreme Lord who was the cause, action and the’Doer’.
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