Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Geneological Order of Manus Clan

  Sage Maitreya made a diversion to Vidura about the Elder Daughter of Manu, Devahuti and son-in-law Kardama as also about their Son Sage Kapila. Manu’s other daughter Ahuti was wedded to Prajapati Ruchi and their offspring were the son Yagna and daughter Lakshmi, the Consort of Lord Vishnu. Yagna was married to Dakshina who begot twelve sons. Manu’s  third daughter Prasuti wedded Lord Brahma’s grandson Daksha, and the latter’s daughter, ‘Sati’ was married to Lord Siva Himself. Among the nine daughters of Kardama and Devahuti who were all well placed, mention be made of Kala and Marichi whose sons were Kasyapa and Purnima. Anasuya and Atri Maha Muni were Soma, Dattatreya and Durvasa born with the blessings of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva.

Sage Atri performed such fierce ‘Tapas’ for hundreds of years, the Trinity appeared before him and blessed that they would be born with their own ‘Amsas’ or Reflections respectively. Simultaneously, the Trinity visited Anasuya’s hermitage in the forms of Sages and asked for alms. The Great Lady realised in her spiritual vision that the three Sages were Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Siva themselves and forthwith converted them as three babies and placed them all together in a cradle, when the whole Universe was amazed at her own inner energies! Among Manu’s another daughter, Sraddha and Sage Angira were born four daughters, viz. Sinivali, Raka, Kuhu and Anumati and two sons, Utathya and Brishapati, the Learned Scholar of demi-gods. Yet another daughter of Manu, Havirbhu, married Pulasthya who begot  sons, Agastya ( Daharagni) and Visrava; the latter was born to his two wives, Idavida whose son was Kubera the King of Yakshas and Kesini whose sons were Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana, the Pauranic Characters of the Ramayana Epic. Gati married Pulaha and begot three Sage sons, Karmareshtha, Varian and Sahishnu; Krathu’s wife Kriya gave birth to sixty thousand Sages, known as Valakhilas. Arundhati (Urja) and Vasishtha gave birth to Seven Sages and Chitti and Sage Atharva gave birth to Asvasira; Sage Bhrigu and Khyati begot Dhata and Vidhata and the latter who wedded Ayati and Niyati gave birth to Mrikanda and Prana respectively.From Mrikanda was born Markandeya and Prana’s grandson was Sukracharya. Prasuti, another daughter of Manu was wedded to Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma. They got sixteen daughters of whom thirteen were wedded to Dharma Viz.Sraddha, Maitri, Daya, Shanti, Tusti, Pusti, Kriya,Unnati, Buddhi, Medha, Titiksa, Hri and Murthi and the thirteen were blessed respectively with sons (Subha, Prasada, Abhaya, Sukha, Muda, Smaya, Yoga, Barpa, Artha, Smritha, Kshema, Paraya, and finally Sri Nara Narayana). With the entry of Nara Narayana into the Universe, there were joyous celebrations all over among Sages, the Demi-Gods and even by Brahma Himself, quite apart from the Material Elements and the entire World of the Virtuous and the Seekers of the Supreme, as they all realised that an Incarnation of the Almighty had appeared to purge the Evil Forces from the earth. Besides the thirteen daughters of Prasuti who were married to Dharma, one daughter Svaha was wedded to Agni Deva and the couple gave birth to Pavaka, Pavamana and Suchi. Another daughter of Daksha was sent in the service of Pithru Loka.

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